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Traute Parrie, Beartooth District Ranger, explaining that East Rosebud Creek is eligible for Wild and Scenic River protection

Wild & Scenic all the way from Fossil Lake down to the Forest Service boundary. Free to enjoy for everybody

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3rd Run for Wild and Scenic East Rosebud on August 7th 2016

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Senate Hearing on our Wild and Scenic East Rosebud Bill S.1577 on March 17th 2016

June 15th 2015: East Rosebud Bills Reintroduced

Senators Tester and Daines and Congressman Zinke jointly re-introduced our East Rosebud Wild and Scenic Rivers Act into Senate: S.1577 and House H.R.2787 on June 15th 2015. They had promised us to sit together and come up with a bipartisan bill. And they kept their promise. See our press page for press coverage.


We were so close last year with Senator Walsh introducing Senate Bill S.2392 and Congressman Daines introducing House Bill H.R.5543, both named: "East Rosebud Wild and Scenic Rivers Act". Unfortunately there was not enough time to get those bills trough the committes. They expired and will need to be reintroduced into the 114th Congress.

The good news is: All three of our Montana Congressional Delegates, Senators Tester and Daines and Congressman Zinke met with us early March in Washington DC to discuss the potential for reintroduction of the bills. And chances are good that they will be.

East Rosebud Creek drainage surrounded by designated wilderness is about as close to paradise as it gets. Forest Service found this area eligible for Wild & Scenic River Protection for its outstanding Geologic, Recreational, and Scenic values. This site has been set up by Friends of East Rosebud to provide information and tools for people who want to help save this paradise.

Our Goal is Wild & Scenic Designation for the part of East Rosebud Creek that is situated on Forest Service land. East Rosebud Creek’s beauty draws tourists from all over the world, provides income to local businesses, supports stable real estate values and generates substantial tax income. This area has been threatened by small scale hydropower projects several times in the past. We want to make sure this cannot happen again. We seek Wild & Scenic designation for East Rosebud Creek.

Please support us by signing the petition as more than 1800 individuals from 43 States have done before you and ask your friends to do the same. To assist us with a Donation please click here. And very important: If you own a business or ranch become a business supporter. It does not cost anything.

Status Update Spring 2014

We have been busy since last summer working with our Congressional Delegations' offices, Forest Service in Washington DC, Bozeman, Billings and Red Lodge, DNRC, MT FW&P, our Governor and our Carbon County Commissioners. Many thanks to all of you that took the time to join the various meetings. We got to the point where nobody was opposed to designating East Rosebud Wild & Scenic. Most were even very supportive. But every agency and office has their own agenda and priorities. There is an endless number of legal and political details to be researched and a lot of convincing to be done to finally make it happen. We thought we were getting very close towards the end of 2013 when all of a sudden new ideas for oil & gas exploration in the area filled the headlines.

More research had to be done. The good news: There is no oil under any part of East Rosebud that we seek Wild & Scenic Designation for. It is all solid Archean age rock, way older than any life on earth that could have transformed into hydrocarbons. Recent oil & gas resource studies done by USGS and BLM came to same conclusion and draw the boundary for potential oil & gas finds in the East Rosebud Drainage clearly outside of the Forest Service boundary.

This is really good news. But it will take some communicating to get all decision makers convinced. Please help us by spreading the word. No oil on the East Rosebud. And it is not just Friends of East Rosebud saying this. It is the US Government. For the ones interested: Info on our local oil reserves and current activities can be found under:

USGS Report 2008

BLM Billings Office Report 2010

MT Board of Oil and Gas Report 2012

It took 3 years to get the point across that there is no viable hydroelectric potential on the East Rosebud. The 2009 hydro dam permit that we were fighting expired 05/31/2013. Hydrodynamics’ spokesman said that the expected guaranteed sales rates for hydropower generated electricity did not materialize; therefore they chose to let the permit expire at this time. Let's hope that we do not have to work on this for another 3 years. Let us all continue to work together to push for Wild and Scenic designation for East Rosebud Creek. Only this will stop further advances of energy or mining.

If you want to help. Here is the one important thing to do right now: Next time you are in Red Lodge walk into our Commissioners’ office and tell them that you support W&S designation for East Rosebud, that there is no oil & gas nor hydro electric potential, and that the county needs the income from tourism, recreation, and real estate. We will need undivided support from our county to convince Congress to sign a Wild & Scenic bill.

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A number of local businesses support our activities because it makes a lot of business sense to protect East Rosebud Creek. All local home owners associations and all large surounding ranches have signed up to. If you own or run a business: Please beome a Supporter of Friends of East Rosebud. It does not cost anything. But it will help a lot. Find out who signed up as a supporter and how to join. Click here.

East Rosebud in the News

Click here to get to a list of 30 feature articles and letters promoting preservation for East Rosebud Creek. A good overview article can be found here:

Holding on to Paradise, MONTANA MAGAZINE by Joel Harris

Wild and Scenic Documentary

Journalist Joel Harris and film maker Daniel Lombardi made a documentary about Montana's Wild and Scenic Rivers. See it here.

Friends of East Rosebud, Inc.

Friends of East Rosebud, Inc. is a Montana non-profit organization. We are a public charity under section 501 (c) (3) internal revenue code. To see who is on the Board of Friends of East Rosebud click here. We sponsored a number of events this summer including a float at local fairs, neighborhood information meetings, and a Film Festival with documentary films featuring East Rosebud Creek and surrounding mountains. We will keep you informed through our email newsletter and on this site. For short term updates see also our Facebook Page.

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East Rosebud Creek originates high in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, flowing from the slopes of Montana’s highest peaks through East Rosebud Lake and out onto the prairie where it joins the Yellowstone River. The East Rosebud Valley, formed long ago by advancing glaciers, is thought by many to be one of Montana’s most beautiful valleys. Lying within the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, East Rosebud Creek possesses remarkable scenic, recreational, geologic, fish and wildlife, and historic values. To quote Pat Marcuson, noted fisheries biologist and author of the popular fishing book Fishing the Beartooths, the spectacular East Rosebud Creek is “the land of plenty; plenty of waterfalls, plenty of glaciers, plenty of vertical walls, plenty of fish, plenty of wildlife, plenty of visitors”. One can find eagles nesting, Mountain Goats and Big Horn sheep, Black and Grizzly bears and a rare wolverine, see moose sparing in the fall, hear the elk bugling, spot Mountain Lions, foxes, and wolves and of course plenty of Whitetail and Mule Deer. Anglers can catch Brown, native Cutthroat, Rainbow, and Brook Trout, as well as native Mountain Whitefish. This valley has been threatened by hdro power dam projects several times in the past. We don't want this to happen again. East Rosebud Creek deserves Wild and Scenic River designation by our government in order to permanently protect it from future harmful power or mining projects. The purpose of this site is to give you easy access to project information and possible roads of intervention. Please help to protect and preserve one of Montana’s most valued treasures.

There is more to it than just conservation. The area’s economic success depends on keeping its land and surroundings unspoiled and free of visible industrialization. Tourists come from all over the world to enjoy the splendor of these lands. Some just stay for days of vacation, some buy property and become part of the community. All together they provide for a healthy income of local businesses and create substantial tax income. Local property values have been fairly stable compared to other areas during past years’ housing crisis. And this largely due to the fact that unspoiled nature is a scarce commodity. Our local economy would clearly benefit form Wild and Scenic Designation for East Rosebud Creek.

Run for Wild & Scenic 2014

85 Runners from 9 to 90 years old participated
on a beautiful sunny morning on the East Rosebud

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