Top 5 Wonderful National Parks in the Earth You Must Visit

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Have you experience traveling somewhere with your friends and family and then, later on, you will realize how beautiful the world is. Tourists are visiting them not just because they are known parks, but they are visiting them because of the priceless beauty.

But what are these places? 

Hereabouts is the list of 5 best national parks you must visit, ASAP!

#1 Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is located on the largest super volcano in the world and is one of the oldest national parks. It was established to protect the park’s wildlife and its fascinating beauty. You will find thousands of hot springs and mud pots for the best experience. Yellowstone is home to fantastic wildlife species that will compel your sight. Some wild animals that you will find surprising to see in this park are grizzly bears, grey wolves, and black bears.

#2 Banff national park

It covers the region near Alberta Rockies in Canada and happens to be the best scenic place in the world. Banff is located within forested slopes and snow-tipped mountain peaks and wooded slopes. Lake Louise creates an excellent base for the park. Some of the wildlife you will see undisturbed in the park include moose, mountain lions, wolves, and many more.

#3 Fiordland National Park

It is the largest park in New Zeeland and is paramount for its impressive series of glaciers tripped fjords. Flightless birds like the kakapo parrot and the rare bird species, Takahe are found in this park just some kilometers from Queensland. There are raging waterfalls and engraving mountains that make this park one of the most beautiful in the world and, therefore, worthy of a visit.

#4 Kruger National Park

It is located in South Africa, and it is the historic park where you will get an opportunity to set a glance at the Big Five. It has fourteen different ecozones where you will find buffalos, leopards, elephants, lions, and rhinos. If you are not comfortable with tour guides, visit burger and guide yourself as you enjoy the captivating view of wild animals, whether at night or during the day. The banks of the Crocodile River and River Sabie are the best sceneries in the southern part of the park, where you will enjoy viewing wild animals feed.

Within the footage of this park, you will also find some rare bird species. Other than animals, you will enjoy the ultimate stunning landscape. Kruger is home to Masorini and Albasini ruins which will give you historical flashbacks in the colonial era.

#5 Serengeti National Park

Found in Tanzania, Serengeti is one of the best parks with endless plains. It is famous for the great migration of wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles in search of water and greener pasture. You will be excited to see large columns of these animals migrate north to the MasaiMara National Park of Kenya. You can get a view of the entire plains on a hot air balloon anytime you visit this fascinating parks. While around, you can save time to visit the famous Kilimanjaro National Park and set a glance at the stunning beauty of nature.


Touring these national parks will enable you to see that mesmerizing parts of nature that you may never have seen elsewhere. Save cash specifically for vacations and enjoy the beautiful sceneries found in the best parks around the globe.

Torres Del Paine: The Most Eye-Catching National Park on Earth

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There are plenty of national parks existing in the world. And they are all extremely beautiful! Every national park has different histories and views that make the tourist think what national park should they visit first? It’s too many. So, here is the most beautiful national park in the world that surely you will remember the most.

Every time my pool cleaning services buddy comes to services my pool, he goes on and on about these places. I decide to go ahead and make a post about them. I really hope you guys enjoy it the same way I did by writing it.

It’s called Torres Del Paine. Torres is a Spanish word of “tower” and Paine is an indigenous word of “blue”. So, means it is also called Towers of Blue.

This National Park is located in Magallanes Region, Chile. After a 154-kilometer ride northeast of Puerto Natales, the adventurous spirit rejoices with the prospect of arriving at a 227,298-hectare paradise and extraordinary geography of vast cordilleras, virgin forests and turquoise reservoirs. This park is part of the Chilean National Network of Forest Protected Areas. This is one of the biggest parks in Chile with the most visits. The park has an average of around 252,000 visitors a year, 54% of whom are foreign tourists, coming from many countries around the world. It’s all part of a tourist scenic path, the End of the World Road.

This Park appointed a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and the eighth wonder of the world in 2013. The sanctuary was established on May 13, 1959, under the name of Lago Gray National Tourism Park. The park adds 11,000 additional hectares to its protected land only on 30 April 1970 and is renamed as it is called today: Torres del Paine National Park.

So, what else does the park have that other national parks don’t have?

Well, they have the famous Flora and Fauna of Torres del Paine. It is already covered by some filmmakers and photographers. That being said, as the CONAF (National Forestry Corporation) points out, it also must be taken into consideration the unpredictability of nature and the possible risks that clear interaction includes. It is advisable to bring medications for possible allergies or illness.

Jump into the topic, this National Park gives you an experience of four seasons in a year in just a single day. You’ll also be able to see a deep range of trees and plants on your walk through the park. 

The Park is filled with beautiful flora like the evergreen “Embothrium coccineum”, which produces vibrant red flowers clustered in corymbs, and the prominent form and colors of Calceolaria uniflora. There are seven known Orchidaceae species in this park, including Chloraea magellanica.

Guanacos have been among the most commonly encountered animals in the area. Other creatures include pumas and foxes. The predation of the puma on guanacos has been documented in this park. The park has breeding colonies of 15 species of prey birds and another two species are likely to reproduce here. Certain birds that occur in this park include the Chilean flamingo, Coscoroba Swan, Darwin’s rhea, Black-necked swan, Magellanic goose, Magellanic woodpecker, and Black-faced ibis. Rufous-tailed hawk, Andean condor, Black-necked buzzard-eagle, Cinereous harrier, Magellanic horned owl, Chimango caracara, Austral pygmy-owl, etc.

In terms of transportation, you can get to Torre del Paine National park in two ways.

The most favourable and easiest way to get to Punta Arenas, the city with Torres del Paine Park’s closest airport, is the air flight that flies around 3,100 km. 

While if ground transportation you can get there by bus or vehicle from the capital to Puerto Montt to connect with the city of Puerto Natales. From Puerto Montt to the south, the journey takes place on the Argentine side and crosses to Chile via the Monte Aymond Pass (Austral Incorporation Pass) near Río Gallegos, 192 km from Punta Arenas, Argentina. From Punta Arenas, travel the 254-kilometer journey from this city to Puerto Natales.

You Must Know These Wonderful National Parks on Earth

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National parks are spread evenly in many countries across the globe. The footage of well-known national parks is the home to different wonderful scenes.

Some scenes are so captivating and will leave great memories with you once you visit them. Anytime you are on vacation, consider visiting some national parks and have a superb experience.

These scenarios are must-know and so amazing that no tourist would wish to be left out. Ranging from wild animals to waterfalls, to the natural features found in the parks, they are all exceptional. Here are some wonderful and must-know national parks. 

Kruger National Park, South Africa

This place was visited last year friend Brodie, the Tiles Removal guy. We speak so highly of the South African people and the guards that manage this park that I felt compelled to mention him and include this beautiful spot in this post.

It is one of the world’s most exciting safari destination with a vast landscape, and the most impressive wildlife you wish to set glance at. It offers habitat for the Big Five and other rare species. The tours of going round the park are made easy by tour guides who ensure your safety. Find a time and visit some beautiful sites in Kruger national park and you will always want to visit it over again.

Etosha National Park, Namibia

It has a vast salt span that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. During rains, the pools attract thousands of beautiful flamingoes. Expect to see more than just flamingoes; there are also a large number of various fascinating wildlife. Some of the animals here include lions, elephants, giraffes, and cheaters.

Grand Canyon National Park, USA

Here you will find a magical escape from the city fatigue. It is a source of great geological history. There are plenty of viewpoints of red rocks which include, Mather point, Mary Colter’s lookout studio, Yavapai observation station, and the desert watch over. These points are strategic to enable you to see the fascinating stones that are of considerable age.

Jim Corbett National Park, India

This is a forested sanctuary in the state of Uttarakhand. It was opened in 1936 and happened to be India’s most prestigious national park. The fascinating part is its evergreen nature that secures a home for thousands of wild animals like tigers. If you want to see real tigers roaming around, then this is the place to visit and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Yellow Stone National Park, USA

Located at the top of the greatest volcano, it is one of the best tourist attraction centers. When you visit yellow stone, one thing that will captivate your eyes is the dramatic crayons and alpine rivers. There are also hot springs and gushing geysers. This is the best park to visit if doing geological research.

Victoria Falls National Park, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is great must-know beauty of nature. The falls are seventeen kilometers with a flow of over five hundred million liters. Apart from the waterfall, some wild animals give you a complete experience. You will enjoy the scenes and get more urge to visit because it is terrific.

Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park, Spain

It is the simply national park in Galicia and is made up of Ons, Salvora, archipelagos Cies, and Cortegada. Here you will enjoy strolling on the sandy beaches, dunes, and cliffs and discovering some hidden Marine caves. The aquatic birds that fly over the skies of Atlantic island are also amazing and are of unique species. Visiting this place will give you the fascinating experience you have always wished to have. Try and know this national park. 

Smoky Mountains National Park, USA

It is found between North Carolina and Tennessee. It is filled with green forests and wildflowers that are ever beautiful. Beautiful waterfalls are also present frequently from the flowing rivers and streams. With all this, hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains is a quiet scenic and memorable experience. Once you visit the park, you will constantly wish you did it over again. 

Yala National Park, Sri Lanka 

This park has several forests, grasslands, and lagoons. It is one of the best and wonderful must know national parks on the globe. The forests and grasslands are home to large animal species. The local animals in Sri Lanka include leopards, lions, and elephants. There are other more than forty-four varieties of animals and hundreds of bird species in Yala national park that makes it wonderful and well known.

The above national parks will give you a memorable and wonderful experience; therefore, you must know them. Visiting them over and over is worth your time and resources because you will learn and experience more wonders of nature. 

National Parks: vacation sites or death sentences?

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You are walking through beautiful sceneries, fully aware and well-rested so you do not miss a single detail. Your eyes are captivated by the astonishing surroundings; what you are seeing is simply out of this world. You decide to capture the moment in a photo. You turn around and ask whoever is next to you to please take a picture with your phone or professional camera. Standing on top of a rock where the view behind you is breathtaking seems the best way to go until something that you were not expecting happens – you lose your balance. Suddenly, you are only one step away from a death sentence. 

When a trip is organized to a National Park, the least questions asked are how many deaths a year have occurred there? What is the deadliest park of them all? We have answered that for you using the available data from 2006 to 2016.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

With over 7 million annual recreational visitors and around 1.5 million acres, the Lake Mead NRA has had 254 deaths, with an average of 25 casualties per year. In addition to its murderous rugged terrain and the high number of homicides that occur, drowning at the lake itself poses as the real danger for visitors. However, will you let the danger keep you away from its incredible fishing experience, boating, water skiing, and much more? Adhering to their safety guidelines will help you remain safe. 

Yosemite National Park

An average of 5 million annual recreational visitors does not keep Yosemite NP from being the second deadliest park. Its 750,000 acres have claimed around 150 deaths with an average of 15 casualties per year. While the park holds incredible hiking, biking, and climbing activities that you can safely enjoy, it seems that knowing your limits is a must. Usually, people have died from falls during climbing incidents, drowning, and heart attacks during extreme activities. 

Grand Canyon National Park

The third deadliest park in our list is the Grand Canyon NP, with 5.5 million annual visitors and 1.2 million acres. It has claimed 130 casualties with an average of 8 deaths per year. Unfortunately, its astonishing depth has also claimed 19 casualties due to suicide in the past decade. Aside from that, falling off their breathtaking hiking points and cardiac arrests during demanding activities seem to be death sentences for unprepared visitors. If you are attending the Grand Canyon this year, do not forget to do your research in advance to come prepared. 

Yellowstone National Park

As if 3 deadly parks were not enough, the Yellowstone NP with 6 million annual visitors and 2.2 million acres is fourth on the list. It has had 93 deaths so far of which 22 have been claimed by accidental falls and deadly burns at their unique thermal springs.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Last but not least, the Golden Gate NRA is visited by over 15 million people annually. Their 82,000 acres have seen 85 deaths in their relentless waves and strong currents at the beach. Although standing on its cliffs is a unique experience, their instability has converted a revitalizing activity into a murder weapon.

In summary, visiting the parks mentioned above may come at a cost if you do not prepare yourself. Bringing the essentials, complying with safety guidelines, and ensuring that you know your limits may help you keep yourself safe and sound!

Five Beautiful Gems on Earth and Where to Find Them

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Whether you are looking for a family trip, travelling with your life partner, or simply enjoying life by yourself; you would never imagine that the following five National Parks across the US and Canada exist, let alone that they are the most visited ones around the world. 

The Breathtaking Smoky Mountains

Located in Tennessee-North Carolina, United States, host over ten-million annual visitors. During January and February, the park is mostly quiet with a bit below 500,000 visitors/month. For the rest of the year, the park hosts up to 1,500,000 visitors/month. With their wide variety in prices and pet-friendly choices in their cabins and lodging options, you can spend your time enjoying a hike, driving through scenic drives, and enjoying the natural views and waterfalls. 

The Famous Grand Canyon

Located in Arizona, the USA hosts around 4.6 million annual visitors. For a bit of quiet time, make sure you visit the park during November throughout February, where the monthly recreational visitors are below 350,000/month. During the rest of the year, the monthly recreational visits go up to 800,000 people/month. Look at the Canyon from the top with their airplane/helicopter tours, enjoy activities like rafting, biking, skywalks, and hikes, and do not forget to see the Canyon at the bottom! It might be even more breathtaking than from the top.

The Astonishing Canadian Rocky Mountains

Located in Alberta host almost 5 million annual visitors. The quietest season is from November to April with under 200,000 visitors/month. During the rest of the year, the visitors go up to almost 1 million people/month. Get mesmerized by the unique and uncanny yet completely natural blue color of their lakes. Canoeing, rafting, and even swimming in their refreshing waters will revitalize you.  

Zion National Park

Located in Utah, USA, also with almost 5 million annual visitors, has a quiet season from November to February with less than 240,000 visitors/month. For the rest of the season, the number goes up to 600,000 people/month. Starting with ATV and Jeep Adventure tours, continuing with scenic views and photography, camping grounds, and helicopter tours, Zion National Park is something you do not want to miss. 

Yellowstone National Park

Located in Wyoming, USA right atop a volcanic hot spot is a location to fall in love with. With 3.2 annual visitors, the slow season for this park is from November to March with less than 35,000 visitors/month, while the highest season reaches up to 900,000 visitors during July. Home to unique wildlife that includes black bears and pack of wolves, you can watch the predictable Old Faithful geyser erupt while sitting in the visitor-friendly benches. 

One way or another, the above-mentioned parks are one-of-a-kind. Visiting them would create memories that will remain with you for the rest of your life, you will live in the moment and disconnect from the city-life at these locations. Come alone, or with your loved ones, but do not miss out on the exceptional opportunity of discovering five wonderful hidden gems in plain sight!