Five Beautiful Gems on Earth and Where to Find Them

Whether you are looking for a family trip, travelling with your life partner, or simply enjoying life by yourself; you would never imagine that the following five National Parks across the US and Canada exist, let alone that they are the most visited ones around the world. 

The Breathtaking Smoky Mountains

Located in Tennessee-North Carolina, United States, host over ten-million annual visitors. During January and February, the park is mostly quiet with a bit below 500,000 visitors/month. For the rest of the year, the park hosts up to 1,500,000 visitors/month. With their wide variety in prices and pet-friendly choices in their cabins and lodging options, you can spend your time enjoying a hike, driving through scenic drives, and enjoying the natural views and waterfalls. 

The Famous Grand Canyon

Located in Arizona, the USA hosts around 4.6 million annual visitors. For a bit of quiet time, make sure you visit the park during November throughout February, where the monthly recreational visitors are below 350,000/month. During the rest of the year, the monthly recreational visits go up to 800,000 people/month. Look at the Canyon from the top with their airplane/helicopter tours, enjoy activities like rafting, biking, skywalks, and hikes, and do not forget to see the Canyon at the bottom! It might be even more breathtaking than from the top.

The Astonishing Canadian Rocky Mountains

Located in Alberta host almost 5 million annual visitors. The quietest season is from November to April with under 200,000 visitors/month. During the rest of the year, the visitors go up to almost 1 million people/month. Get mesmerized by the unique and uncanny yet completely natural blue color of their lakes. Canoeing, rafting, and even swimming in their refreshing waters will revitalize you.  

Zion National Park

Located in Utah, USA, also with almost 5 million annual visitors, has a quiet season from November to February with less than 240,000 visitors/month. For the rest of the season, the number goes up to 600,000 people/month. Starting with ATV and Jeep Adventure tours, continuing with scenic views and photography, camping grounds, and helicopter tours, Zion National Park is something you do not want to miss. 

Yellowstone National Park

Located in Wyoming, USA right atop a volcanic hot spot is a location to fall in love with. With 3.2 annual visitors, the slow season for this park is from November to March with less than 35,000 visitors/month, while the highest season reaches up to 900,000 visitors during July. Home to unique wildlife that includes black bears and pack of wolves, you can watch the predictable Old Faithful geyser erupt while sitting in the visitor-friendly benches. 

One way or another, the above-mentioned parks are one-of-a-kind. Visiting them would create memories that will remain with you for the rest of your life, you will live in the moment and disconnect from the city-life at these locations. Come alone, or with your loved ones, but do not miss out on the exceptional opportunity of discovering five wonderful hidden gems in plain sight! 

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