You Must Know These Wonderful National Parks on Earth

National parks are spread evenly in many countries across the globe. The footage of well-known national parks is the home to different wonderful scenes.

Some scenes are so captivating and will leave great memories with you once you visit them. Anytime you are on vacation, consider visiting some national parks and have a superb experience.

These scenarios are must-know and so amazing that no tourist would wish to be left out. Ranging from wild animals to waterfalls, to the natural features found in the parks, they are all exceptional. Here are some wonderful and must-know national parks. 

Kruger National Park, South Africa

This place was visited last year friend Brodie, the Tiles Removal guy. We speak so highly of the South African people and the guards that manage this park that I felt compelled to mention him and include this beautiful spot in this post.

It is one of the world’s most exciting safari destination with a vast landscape, and the most impressive wildlife you wish to set glance at. It offers habitat for the Big Five and other rare species. The tours of going round the park are made easy by tour guides who ensure your safety. Find a time and visit some beautiful sites in Kruger national park and you will always want to visit it over again.

Etosha National Park, Namibia

It has a vast salt span that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. During rains, the pools attract thousands of beautiful flamingoes. Expect to see more than just flamingoes; there are also a large number of various fascinating wildlife. Some of the animals here include lions, elephants, giraffes, and cheaters.

Grand Canyon National Park, USA

Here you will find a magical escape from the city fatigue. It is a source of great geological history. There are plenty of viewpoints of red rocks which include, Mather point, Mary Colter’s lookout studio, Yavapai observation station, and the desert watch over. These points are strategic to enable you to see the fascinating stones that are of considerable age.

Jim Corbett National Park, India

This is a forested sanctuary in the state of Uttarakhand. It was opened in 1936 and happened to be India’s most prestigious national park. The fascinating part is its evergreen nature that secures a home for thousands of wild animals like tigers. If you want to see real tigers roaming around, then this is the place to visit and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Yellow Stone National Park, USA

Located at the top of the greatest volcano, it is one of the best tourist attraction centers. When you visit yellow stone, one thing that will captivate your eyes is the dramatic crayons and alpine rivers. There are also hot springs and gushing geysers. This is the best park to visit if doing geological research.

Victoria Falls National Park, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is great must-know beauty of nature. The falls are seventeen kilometers with a flow of over five hundred million liters. Apart from the waterfall, some wild animals give you a complete experience. You will enjoy the scenes and get more urge to visit because it is terrific.

Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park, Spain

It is the simply national park in Galicia and is made up of Ons, Salvora, archipelagos Cies, and Cortegada. Here you will enjoy strolling on the sandy beaches, dunes, and cliffs and discovering some hidden Marine caves. The aquatic birds that fly over the skies of Atlantic island are also amazing and are of unique species. Visiting this place will give you the fascinating experience you have always wished to have. Try and know this national park. 

Smoky Mountains National Park, USA

It is found between North Carolina and Tennessee. It is filled with green forests and wildflowers that are ever beautiful. Beautiful waterfalls are also present frequently from the flowing rivers and streams. With all this, hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains is a quiet scenic and memorable experience. Once you visit the park, you will constantly wish you did it over again. 

Yala National Park, Sri Lanka 

This park has several forests, grasslands, and lagoons. It is one of the best and wonderful must know national parks on the globe. The forests and grasslands are home to large animal species. The local animals in Sri Lanka include leopards, lions, and elephants. There are other more than forty-four varieties of animals and hundreds of bird species in Yala national park that makes it wonderful and well known.

The above national parks will give you a memorable and wonderful experience; therefore, you must know them. Visiting them over and over is worth your time and resources because you will learn and experience more wonders of nature. 

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