Top 5 Wonderful National Parks in the Earth You Must Visit

Have you experience traveling somewhere with your friends and family and then, later on, you will realize how beautiful the world is. Tourists are visiting them not just because they are known parks, but they are visiting them because of the priceless beauty.

But what are these places? 

Hereabouts is the list of 5 best national parks you must visit, ASAP!

#1 Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is located on the largest super volcano in the world and is one of the oldest national parks. It was established to protect the park’s wildlife and its fascinating beauty. You will find thousands of hot springs and mud pots for the best experience. Yellowstone is home to fantastic wildlife species that will compel your sight. Some wild animals that you will find surprising to see in this park are grizzly bears, grey wolves, and black bears.

#2 Banff national park

It covers the region near Alberta Rockies in Canada and happens to be the best scenic place in the world. Banff is located within forested slopes and snow-tipped mountain peaks and wooded slopes. Lake Louise creates an excellent base for the park. Some of the wildlife you will see undisturbed in the park include moose, mountain lions, wolves, and many more.

#3 Fiordland National Park

It is the largest park in New Zeeland and is paramount for its impressive series of glaciers tripped fjords. Flightless birds like the kakapo parrot and the rare bird species, Takahe are found in this park just some kilometers from Queensland. There are raging waterfalls and engraving mountains that make this park one of the most beautiful in the world and, therefore, worthy of a visit.

#4 Kruger National Park

It is located in South Africa, and it is the historic park where you will get an opportunity to set a glance at the Big Five. It has fourteen different ecozones where you will find buffalos, leopards, elephants, lions, and rhinos. If you are not comfortable with tour guides, visit burger and guide yourself as you enjoy the captivating view of wild animals, whether at night or during the day. The banks of the Crocodile River and River Sabie are the best sceneries in the southern part of the park, where you will enjoy viewing wild animals feed.

Within the footage of this park, you will also find some rare bird species. Other than animals, you will enjoy the ultimate stunning landscape. Kruger is home to Masorini and Albasini ruins which will give you historical flashbacks in the colonial era.

#5 Serengeti National Park

Found in Tanzania, Serengeti is one of the best parks with endless plains. It is famous for the great migration of wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles in search of water and greener pasture. You will be excited to see large columns of these animals migrate north to the MasaiMara National Park of Kenya. You can get a view of the entire plains on a hot air balloon anytime you visit this fascinating parks. While around, you can save time to visit the famous Kilimanjaro National Park and set a glance at the stunning beauty of nature.


Touring these national parks will enable you to see that mesmerizing parts of nature that you may never have seen elsewhere. Save cash specifically for vacations and enjoy the beautiful sceneries found in the best parks around the globe.

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