Committed to save the beauty of East Rosebud Creek for future generations


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Our Goal is Wild & Scenic Designation for the part of East Rosebud Creek that is situated on Forest Service land. East Rosebud Creek’s beauty draws tourists from all over the world, provides income to local businesses, supports stable real estate values and generates substantial tax income. This area has been threatened by small scale hydropower projects several times in the past. We want to make sure this cannot happen again. We seek Wild & Scenic designation for East Rosebud Creek.

Friends of East Rosebud, Inc. is a Montana Non-Profit Organization, a Public Charity under Section 501 (c) (3) Internal Revenue Code. This means your donations exceding $20 per year will be tax deductable. We have to exclude your first $20 to account for potential lobbying activities which are excluded from tax deducibility by law.

Our Officers and Directors work as volunteers without getting paid. We do not have any paid employees. Zero overhead. Nevertheless we are facing expenses, mostly travel expenses and costs for printed and copied information materials. We are trying to keep costs low by doing our own graphic and website design and marketing. Nevertheless we do have expenses that exceed what our volunteers can shoulder on their own. Give whatever you feel apprpriate.

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You can use this paypal button to pay online with your credit card or paypal account.

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