ID City State Comment                                                                                                        
7 Belton Missouri I have been to the East Rosebud many times when the creek had almost no water in it. Everyone always says it is one of the most beautiful valleys anywhere - and I agree. Not a good place for a dam and all the trappings that would go along with it.
8 Fort Mitchell Kentucky Keep the East Rosebud free flowing.
9 Miles City Montana Seems to me to be an extreem amount of damage to our part of the planet for such a small amount of electricity....
15 Chicago Illinois The valley has been my special place on this planet for my whole life, I've visited it every summer of my childhood and many summers since. I grew up there. If there is any natural area that I will protect with my very soul, it is this place. This damn dam should not be built in the East Rosebud! Love, Nature, and Community will prevail.
18 Red Lodge Montana I was on the river yesterday and there was not enouigh water flowing for this dam.
19 Billings Montana Limited economic benefit this project might provide is not worth compromising the beauty and serenity of the East Rosebud drainage.  It should not be allowed.
23 Kirkwood Missouri To Whom It May Concern,
This is another land grab by out of state interest to use Montana's natural resources for the benefit of very few.
I grew up in Montana and saw this time after time. Let others use their resources for their needs.
These pristine areas should remain as they are. They benefit Montana and bring need tourist dollars to the state.
Enough is enough. Rod Robertson (CMR 77, UM 86)
24 Edgewood Kentucky Good luck with your efforts to preserve your beautiful East Rosebud Creek.
25 Billings Montana Absolutely no justification for this project.
26 Missoula Montana I am strongly opposed to the proposed dam for all the same reasons that I detailed in a previous letter over a year ago.  The East Rosebud Drainage is not an appropriate site for a dam, given its pristine setting and intact ecosystem.
28 Billings Montana      I wholeheartedly support classifying the East Rosebud River as a Wild and Scenic River.  We need to keep the area forever wild.
29 Billings Montana This dam proposal is not in needed nor environmentally feasible, please keep the Rosebud Rivers wild and scenic.
31 Billings Montana I'm using my mother's address on the petition because I actually live in Australia.  But one of the reasons I return to Montana regularly is to spend time in the wild and scenic East Rosebud valley.  I'll see you there this coming summer of 2012. In Australia: PO Box 373, Byron Bay NSW 2481
33 Denver Colorado I visit this East Rosebud area every year for hiking, fishing, and photography. Please stop this dam.
34 union Kentucky Keep the East Rosebud pristine.
No dam on the East Rosebud.
36 Roscoe Montana We say no to the East Rosebud Dam Project. It runs against our interests as home owners and against the preservation of riparian life in our valley. Janet and John
38 Lawrence Kansas I am opposed to the construction of the East Rosebud Creek Hydro Dam.
41 Roscoe Montana Opposed to any development of hydro-electric on the East Rosebud River
42 Minneapolis Minnesota Haven't we learned enough about the damage to ecosystems that dams create?  Not to mention the effects on down-stream properties/riparian owners.  This is not a good idea on principal and a fifth grader could do the cost benefit analysis.
43 Columbus Ohio Stop the dam please!
44 Roscoe Montana WE would be opposed to any Hydro Dam Projects!
50 Roscoe Montana This Vote is for no hydro dam project in East Rosebud.
51 Roberts Montana This attempt to build a hydro plant on the East Rosebud is nothing more than an idea to bilk the U.S. Government out of money it does not need to be spending on such folly. Do everything you can to prevent this from happening.
53 lincoln we have had a cabin on the east rosebud since 1970 and the though of having a dam up at alpine makes me sick. I cant believe that some one thought that this sounds like a great idea.  all in the name of money
58 Denver Colorado Where will we take our children once these places are ALL gone? Let's think about that before profits!!!
60 Portland Oregon Our Family has had a cabin at ERL since 1962.
76 Billings Montana Opposed to the Project.  Can,t believe someone would want to ruin this canyon with this project.  Unbelievable!
79 Fort Thomas Kentucky why would anyone, especially residents of Montana, even think about infringing on the nature and beauty of the East Rosebud River Valley!Are we really that deperate that we are willing to sacrafice the beauty of nature to generate eletricity?
80 Kittredge, Colorado Our family had a beautiful cabin, and years of happiness in the East Rosebud valley.  Thoughts and prayers to those who are engaged in saving this spectacular and natural place.
81 red lodge Montana The resulting damage by this short lived dam is certainly not in the best interests of local residents and the many people who visit this beautiful area.
82 Red Lodge Montana  I am responding to and signing the petition to prevent the building of a hydropower dam on The East Rosebud River in Carbon County, Montana.  It is a pristine area very close to wilderness boundaries and should be preserved for future generations.  With so few quiet places left in our busy world, this is one worth saving.
83 Missoula Montana Am a cabin owner at East rosebud Lake and vice president of the the BOD.
Have bee active in talking to FERC, Hydrodynamics' Ben Singer, and generally fielding questions and following this for the East Rosebud Lake Association.
86 Bozeman Montana No hydroelectric building permit should be approved on Armstrong Creek or East Rosebud Creek. The proposed project will cause irreparable damage to fisheries and other wildlife in this near pristine area.
93 Hudson New Hampshire We spend time each summer visiting Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.  They are places of great beauty, peace, and are our church, of sorts, because of the peace these places bring into our lives.
Enuf of our country has been ruined, and still we need more power, more water, more energy. Fewer Humans! More Land! Save East Rosebud!
94 Tacoma Washington Although I live in Washington I have often visited the East Rosebud area for the last 20 years. At a time when environmentally damaging Washington State dams that should never have been built in the first place are being dismantled, it makes no sense to build a small dam of limited use and permanent disfigurement on the East Rosebud River.

I am not aware of any immediate need for more energy in the area, but if it is desired by some, there are solar energy alternatives better than last century's technology.

If profit is the motivator, the businessmen proposing this project need to look elsewhere and not expect other Rosebud residents to unwillingly subsidize them by despoiling a place of beauty, peace, and power enjoyed by generations past, present, and future.

This dam must not be built.
97 Roscoe Montana I would like to sign the petition opposing the East Rosebud Dam Project. Thank you.
98 Missoula Montana This hydroelectric project is a ludicrous idea for such a stunningly beautiful high mountain lake. The amount of water in the East Rosebud River for most of the year is so low its makes this project idea laughable.
99 Red Lodge Montana Please add my name to this petition to oppose a hydroelectric installation on the East Rosebud.  There are many less damaging alternative technologies that could be used in areas that are already developed.
102 Billings Montana East Rosebud Creek is one of the most beautiful areas in our State. This natural beautiful valley should not be endangered by construction of a hydro dam. I strongly oppose a hydro dam being built on the creek, this area should be preserved for all Montanans to enjoy.
105 Red Lodge Montana This is not a good business model for water 3 months a year as well as counter intelligent for a so called "green" energy project, which would destroy all those natural beauties that we choose to live here for.  NO! to damming the East Rosebud Creek!
106 Vegas Nevada My Rosebud address is:  28 Rainbow Lane, Roscoe, Mt. 59071. I am apposed to the dam.
107 Las Vegas Nevada My Rosebud address is:  28 Rainbow Lane, Roscoe, Mt. 59071. I am apposed to the dam.
108 Tampa Florida This proposed project is one of the most misguided green energy proposals I have heard of. A dam & pipeline through a national forest in a pristine wilderness area? Get serious!! I am totally opposed to this grab of our natural resources and the destruction of the beauty of the East Rosebud canyon.  Robert C. Nixon
110 Missoula Montana As an affected property owner, I am opposed to the East Rosebud Creek Hydro Dam project.
111 ACME Pennsylvania Have spent a lot of time fishing this area in the past, and what a beautiful area it is.   I would hate to see destroyed.  Once it'e gone it will be gone forever. Please think twice before putting a hydro plant there.
112 Port Townsend Washington I have spent the last 40 years enjoying the East Rosebud River.  I strongly oppose the development of a Hydrodam.  It is one of the most pristine rivers in the country.  Scott Stenehjem
113 Port Townsend Montana My husband has a family cabin at East Rosebud Lake.  They built the cabin 40 years ago and we have been enjoying the beauty and splendor of the the East Rosebud area for 40 years.  This is a pristine area and we do feel it will be endangered  by a hydro dam project.  We are opposed to this project.
114 Butte Montana This project is an obscene waste of money and natural beauty. I'm all for green energy, but this is a place that should be preserved. Especially for what little benefit it would provide.
115 Billings Montana I support all efforts showing that this project is NOT suitable for this area.
116 Billings Montana I absolutely do NOT support the East Rosebud Creek Hydro Dam project. Not one bit.
118 Bridger, Mt> Montana    When my Grandfather built the family cabin on the lake I'm sure he never thought such a beautiful place would be disturbed by a dam being built in the canyon or near the lake. I am of the same thought-"A Little Bit of Heaven" being defaced by such a sight. Our conserving energy would not create a need for such construction.
                 Jean Krueger
119 Billings Montana I find it hard to believe this is a genuine project under consideration. The water that runs in the river seems to be not nearly enough to power any type of system to be efficient enough to make it viable.  The company running this project must be getting federal money to study it….just my guess.  It makes no sense to put a pipeline down this valley sucking up the water and having a power plant and power lines.

Mark Koerber
121 Lander Wyoming I think I have signed but not sure. My husband and I have a bet. We have a place in BB subdivision, behind Dockens, under construction, and look at your webcam alot before traveling to MT from WY. Thank you for the webcam. We know where your horse sculpture is, but I think the web cam is accross the rode up on the hill.(to the left of your sculpture  heading towards East Rosebud Lake.) He thinks the webcam is at the area where the horse sculpture is. Who is right?
Karen and Gregg Meyer
123 Sherman Oaks California We have a cabin on the E. Rosebud river.  We visit multiple times per year. Though we live out of state, I'm a fourth generation Montana native and have been fishing/hiking/backpacking in this canyon since the 1960's.  I am strongly opposed to this project, which would inflict long-term damage to this magnificent place for such short-term, un-needed gain.
124 Roscoe Montana I am opposed to the proposed hydroelectric project in the East Rosebud Canyon of Carbon County, Montana.  The small amounts of electricity generated (and significant power losses transmitting electricity to a viable market) do not justify the  known and unknown affects of disturbing this fragile environment. 
128 Roscoe Montana I oppose the East Rosebud Creek Hydro Dam project.  The electrical power it would create is not needed. This project would deface a pristine recreational area for an unnecessary project that benefits only the developer.
129 Laramie Wyoming My parents have owned a cabin in the East Rosebud Valley since the mid-80s, and many of my best memories as a child are of times spent there. 

Ruining the beauty of valley and impacting the fish and wildlife in the area for 3 months of low hydroelectric generation seems like a low return for such a high cost.
130 port townsend Washington This is a disaster in the making.  Poor economics and terrible destruction of a beautiful stream.  Do not allow this to happen.  Please!
Leslie Cox
131 Roxboro North Carolina As a kid I spent every summer fishing, hiking and enjoying the East Rosebud. This dam is someone's folly. It will damage and destroy. And it must be stopped.
132 Angel Fire New Mexico I oppose the East Rosebud Dam Project.  My family has owned a cabin at East Rosebud for several generations and want this area to be left for future generations untouched and natural.

Karen Kelly
134 Billings Montana This project would be much too little benefit for far too much damage to an unspoiled environment.
137 Helena Montana What I understand about the proposed plant seems unrealistic. First the required water flow will either dewater the river or be sustained for only 4 or 5 months of a year. This may not be cost effective. Both the size and the location of the dam, the damage to the stream and environs will  permanant.
138 Aurora Oregon I am a cabin owner at East Rosebud and will help as I can to deter Hydrodynamics from this project.
140 Roberts Montana Consider this a petition signature against hydropower development on the East Rosebud River
Phil Rob ertson
141 BILLINGS Montana I am totally against the intrusion of a dam facility in the pristine East Rosebud valley.

Peter Yegen IV
143 Red Lodge Montana Wonderful river; bad place for a dam.
144 Denver Colorado Strongly oppose this proposal in this valley now or in the future.
149 Jefferson City Missouri My family has a nearly 100 year old cabin at the lake.  I have been coming for over 50 years and my family are annual visitors.  Do not do anything that will change this extraordinarily beautiful area.
151 Billings Montana This project is NOT necessary.  Our family has had a cabin @ "the lake" since the 1920s.  This is the most beautiful and peaceful place!
153 Plantation, FL Florida Absolutely against the project which will destroy one of the most beautiful areas in Montana, now visited by thousands of people from the USA and by  International countries.  It is an abomination. Luigi Salvaneschi
154 Peoria Arizona Growing up, my grandfather owned a cabin on East Rosebud Lake and some of my fondest memories are of times spent at that cabin.  The cabin survived the fire that took a great deal of that area and is still in the family.  Although I now live in Arizona, I had the pleasure of visiting that cabin a couple years ago.  The idea of buiding a hydro-electric facility in the middle of one of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the United States is unthinkable.  I am strongly opposed to this project.
158 Roscoe Montana In a land as vast as this country is, why would one destroy so much wilderness for so little return.  Doesn't even make any sense.
161 Missoula Montana This place is a world class natural area. It would be like building a dam in Glacier Park. A bad idea.
162 Tampa Florida I am strongly opposed to the building of any dam on, beside, in, or along the East Rosebud.
165 Coalinga California Please save this beautiful piece of Montana from destruction. Let future generations know some of the beauty of nature that we have left.
171 Rapid City South Dakota We are opposed to the East Rosebud Dam Project!!
173 Fort Mitchell Kentucky The East Rosebud should be kept the way it is forever
175 Sedona Arizona East Rosebud Creek drainage surrounded by designated wilderness is about as close to paradise as it gets. This pristine area is now endangered by a small output hydro dam project. A little bit of power for a lot of irreversible destruction.  Please preserve this pristine area forever in it's natural state!  Thank you.  Ahna
176 Salem Oregon Not sure how to sign the petition...
179 Missoula Montana This is a bad idea and not a good trade (the limited amount of power for the damage to the East Rosebud River drainage).
180 Hamburg Alabama East Rosebud Creek drainage surrounded by designated wilderness is about as close to paradise as it gets. This pristine area is now endangered by a small output hydro dam project.
183 geneva Ohio I would like to sign the petition.  I am a land owner in the Dokins farm area.
184 Montana I oppose the East Rosebud Dam Project.
187 Red Lodge Montana Small hydroelectric projects are welcome in many locations, but not in this valley. Please do your best to keep this project out of the East Rosebud valley, where outdoor recreation on public land and in public waterways takes a much higher priority.
189 Sherman Oaks California This beautiful, unspoiled area has been enjoyed by four generations of my family going back to the 1920's and 1930's when my father would drive up with his parents in the Model T to hike, fish, and backpack.  Now as a landowner on the East Rosebud River, I am opposed to this dam project.  It will ruin the drainage for many generations to come.
192 Sammamish Washington I whole heartedly desire that the East Rosebud be designated a Wild and Scenic River in this area. Its unspoiled landscape draws me back mentally nearly every day and when possible physically from the Seattle area.
193 Sammamish Washington Thank you for hleping to save East Rosebud Creek, It to beautiful to have destroyed.
195 Seattle Washington Please do not let this go through.  The canyon really is not designed naturally for a dam to be put into place where they are proposing it to be.  There is also a population of rubber boas that is very sensitive in that area and would most likely disappear due to the construction.  They are only found from the 2-mile bridge up to the lake and are very sensitive.
198 Billings Montana The mere idea of this dam is ridiculous. To permanently deface a pristine wilderness, in order to provide a few kilowatts of power, AND for only a few months a year, AND of NO benefit for the citizens of the area.  What pure greed this is!  It must be stopped.
208 St. Paul. Minnesota Our family has had a house on the East
Rosebud for over 40 years--in the spring
it is river but in the winter it is more like a creek.
212 Kensington Maryland  Also have a place at 160 Getaway Trail out of Roscoe, Mt.
213 Salt Lake City Utah Stop it...NOW.
214 Sierra Vista Arizona I oppose the hydro dam project proposed for the East Rosebud Creek drainage.
215 Sierra Vista Arizona I oppose the hydro dam project proposed for the East Rosebud Creek drainage.
216 BILLINGS Montana No, we don't want to have a dam at Rosebud!!!!
223 Minneapolis Minnesota Keep on fighting!

John C. Brainard, Editor
The EarthDirectory Network
225 Terre Haute Indiana Doing all we can all the way from Indiana to help save the East Rosebud Creek!!
One of the most beautiful places in the United States of America.
No Hydro Dam!!
Susan Riker
226 Laramie Wyoming With the diminishing amount of "Wilderness left in this world, I cannot understand the idea of destroying this gem.  In this day of dams comming down in other parts of the United States for environmental reasons, why would anyone consider destroying this pristine iportant habitat to so many specied of wildlife, for the sake of energy not to be used locally but sold out of state.  I am fully in support of keeping this East Rosebud Creek free flowing and as wild as possible. Not only for me but looking to my kids and their future to enjoy the wild of this area. 
228 Helena Montana Keep it wild
229 Portland Oregon I have been coming to East Rosebud Lake since I was born in April 1968. Throughout the entire time I have come to the Lake, there has not been any man-made blockage of this type.  There are specific eras within the ERL Community.  Electricity, phone, and internet.  All of these eras were and are an improvment.  The current plans to bring a dam onto the East Rosebud River will not produce any physical or natural benifit to any person or animal.  The ecosystem will be incredibly harmed.  The ROI of this Dam cannot be realized. 
232 Anchorage Alaska West Rosebud already has a dam! Isn't that enough?!! Some places are worthy of of preservation for the enjoyment of future generations!
234 Evergreen Colorado Stop the damn dam!!!
236 Missoula Montana One of the most beautiful, unspoilt places on earth -- surely the small amount of power this would generate is not worth the risk and damage to the fragile ecosystem. I vehemently oppose this dam.
240 Rainbow Lake New York I have hiked and spent many extraordinary, peaceful days in the beauty of the East Rosebud. I would like to continue these days and hope that it is left alone for others to enjoy its pristine solitude and unique, untouched wilderness.
241 Great Falls Montana More windpower, solar power!!
243 Billings Montana I've hunted and fished the East Rosebud drainage for the last 20 years and am 100% opposed to this project. 
244 Tigard Oregon Adamantly oppose this project!  Dams all across the country (and throughout the world) always have a negative impact on the environment, despite any studies the power companies may produce.  If there wasn't a negative impact, why are states like Oregon destorying existing dams to restore the natural environment?  Anything that says this dam would be different and not impact this pristine wilderness is nonsense.   
245 Billings Montana This area has some of the finest hunting that Montana has to offer. To develope it any more than it already is would be a terrible crime against nature. DO NOT DO THIS!!!!
247 Billings Montana My parents are residents of Carbon County and also have a cabin on the pristine East Rosebud river.  My parents, brothers and I, along with our families, have been fishing/hiking/tubing/backpacking in the East Rosebud/Black Butte canyon since the 1970's.  I am strongly opposed to this hydro project, which would inflict long-term damage to this magnificent place for very little economic gain to area residents.
248 Derby Vermont I had the opportunity to visit East Rosebud Lake in Sept.2007 to attend my son's wedding. The area is spectacular and pristine and the thought that anyone would want to destroy the area with a hydro power plant on a small creek is disheartening. There is NOT the water resourse to support a dam in this area. I am totally against this proposal to build a power plant and join in supporting the Friends of East Rosebud. Sincerely,                         Edith Lindblom-Warthin              
249 newport Vermont Shame on anyone who would trade this pristine beauty for a few pieces of silver.
Let us all make better choices for our children's world!
This project is both ill-planned and insulting to the spirit of conservation.
251 BILLINGS Montana Please keep our rivers free. They are part of the soul and beauty of our state. 
Sincerely, Barbara Sample
252 BILLINGS Montana Please listen to those who know the land.  Michael Sample
254 South Burlington Vermont Thank you residents for sharing such a wonderful place with somebody from the outside!
256 Bozeman Montana I oppose the hydroelectric project on East Rosebud Creek.
262 seattle Washington I grew up in that Canyon, playing all summer in the mountains and river/lake.  Still come home and spend time there.
No freakin' way should there be a dam there!!
263 Billings Montana This is such a "no-brainer" and I mean that in every possible way.  Why not dam up Rock Creek just below Red Lodge?
266 Pennsylvania no more dams!
270 Plymouth Minnesota Please leave this great part of Montana untouched!
271 Los Osos California I oppose the project. East Rosebud's special charm has been degraded enough. It's time to call a halt to further intrusion,
274 Inver Grove Heights Minnesota I oppose the East Rosebud Dam Project and would like to sign the petition to oppose the East Rosebud Dam Project
276 Roscoe Montana We are invested in this land and body of water for the next 100 + years.  We are not willing to condemn the valley, people and wildlife inhabitants to sweeping negative changes from any projects for an upgrade in technological infrastructure.  Please do not develop the East Rosebud.
277 Roscoe Montana The beautiful East Rosebud valley has been my playground since I was young, and continues to be a peaceful haven for myself and my family. A dam would be a tragic end to its wildness and picturesque habitat. We have been quick to degrade the few remaining wild spaces in this country and the East Rosebud does not need to be added to this list. No amount of money is worth the bounty and space that is offered so generously by this land.  
279 Red Lodge Montana This place--the East Rosebud--is too precious to waste with a dam. This project reminds me of the travesty of Hetch Hetchy.
282 portland Oregon don't build the damn!!!
289 Alabama I can't believe this project. Thank for helping organize our voices against it. The East Rosebud is a truly special place and I can't even fathom why someone would even consider destroying it.
290 Columbia Missouri I want to prevent this beautiful land from being destroyed and used in the creation of a power plant.
294 Duluth Minnesota Really a dam. Leave progress alone thats why we go there.
295 North Carolina Please dont allow this hydro dam to be built. Your great grandchildren will be grateful.
296 Vail Colorado Against the dam project
297 Billings, MT Montana I am the legal trustee for the Lucia Glenn Bypass Trust   
Lucia died May of 2009.
298 St. Paul Minnesota No Hydro Dam!   Keep it out of the East Rosebud Valley please!
299 Mequon Wisconsin I own 20 along the East Rosebud and think the problems with this dam are much greater than any benefits.
300 Milwaukee Wisconsin I am a property owner in the area and oppose hacking up this beautiful valley.  Benefits of a seasonal dam are minimal.
301 Billings Montana This is an area that has a marginal water supply and an area that is frequented by recreationalists.  What a poor choice for a DAM.
302 Billings Montana US Fish and Game have already determined that this Creek doesn't have a sufficent water supply to have a large population of fish now.  Why have a dam and endanger this area more!
303 Harrisburg South Dakota I was born and raised in Montana, by ancestors helped settle the area in the shadow of the Beartooths.  I bring my family to the area each summer where my girls and I love to fish and simply enjoying nature.  To those powers that be, remember many visitors go there to enjoy the area and are spending their hard earned money to do so.  I want my kids to be able to bring their kids and grandkids there to enjoy and learn about nature, please don't destroy another part of what little is left.
304 Scotts Valley California I thoroughly oppose the East Rosebud Dam Project.
308 Bixby Oklahoma I have vactioned in the East Rosebud area many times and I can't even image a hydro dam being built in the area.  Is there ever going to be a stopping point to destroy beautiful areas of the United States??  I hope this project goes no further!
309  worden Montana by no means do we need this and deatroy the beauty of this great -place///
310 Worden Montana There isn't enough water and who needs another dam to destroy a beautiful part of Montana
311 Watsonville California Preserve the natural beauty of East Rosebud Canyon!

312 Roscoe Montana I have been against the notion of putting a dam up here from the very beginning. It is foolish to even consider the idea, from both an ecological AND a financial standpoint. And especially a bad idea now that there are nesting Bald Eagles depending on this river for their livlihood.
313 lincoln Nebraska Why put a dam here if its only going to work part of the year. For all the money you will spend on this project, it would be better spend some where else.
315 Bozeman Montana I feel this is the wrong area to put up a darn dam.  This is the most beautiful areas in Montana.  A dam would not only ruin the views, it would affect the fish and wildlife.  Even though people live at the mouth of the canyon, they still take care of the land to keep it hospitable for wildlife and humans.
317 bozeman Montana The era of dam building in the US is over, or at least it should be. Hydroelectric power is  extremely inefficient and outdated.  This project would not only mar the natural beauty of the area, but would deter tourism due to decreased access to the wilderness and the industrial scar leftover would prove to be an eyesore in one of the last truly wild places.
318 Edina Minnesota NO DAM!
320 Billings Montana Please no dam on East Rosebud Creek. 
323 Roscoe Montana The volume of water flow along the E. Rosebud River is erratic.  With the acceleration of effects from global warming,both the volume of water and the velocity of its flow are unlikely to generate expected or hoped-for hydroelectric power.
324 Roscoe Montana I am vehemently opposed to this ill-conceived plan to dam east rosebud creek.  I will do everything within my power to stop this project in its tracks.
Don Shiver
327 Billings Montana Vote NO on East Rosebud Dam
330 Billings, Montana Great work of trying to protect this beautiful place!
Status on wild and scenic designation?
333 Cloverdale California I was born and raised in Montana and have shared my love of Montana with my three children. i now have 10 grandchildren that love this country as much as their Grandmother.  I would love to see my future great-grandchildren enjoy it in its natural state! Please NO damn!!!!
Sincerely, Jean Alexander
334 Bozeman Alabama Please let us uphold and keep this beautiful wildness ~- wild.
335 Red Lodge Montana I am against the dam
339 Red Lodge Montana I wholeheartedly oppose a Dam in the East Rosebud!  When we begin to realize that the natural beauty that this valley and the surrounding Wilderness are our "Crown Jewels," then we will want to keep them pristine for our Grandchildren too.
340 Lewistown Montana My family ashes are scattered there.  That is sacred ground,and I've been going there dating back to the 1950's.

Dean Dunlap
341 Red Lodge Montana I am opposed to the dam project.
342 Fishtail Montana It makes more sense to put a water wheel on Yellowstone Falls, and that makes no sense.
346 Ocean Shores Australia Please don't dam the east Rosebud!
347 Red Lodge, Montana I hope I am signing the petition.  Jeanne
348 Hardin Montana We have two properties along the East Rosebud and oppose the dam
352 St. Paul Minnesota Summer address:552 upper luther rd.Luther, mt
353 St Helens Oregon Owner of cabin on Rock Creek
358 ABQ New Mexico I oppose the East rosebud creek hydro dam
360 Billings Montana We oppose the East Rosebud Dam project!
362 Bozeman Montana this doesn't happen here!
363 Oakland, CA California A misconceived project - obviously not at all worth the impacts!
365 Geneva Ohio Save our creek!
366 Lakeside Park Kentucky Do not let them build the dam and ruin this beautiful place in Montana
368 Seattle Washington Please leave this pristine area alone.  The water flow is all natural, dependent on glaciers, snow, rain and should not be dammed.  It would be harmful to the area and to the fish and wildlife.
369 Billings Montana Please keep East Rosebud Creek in its current beautiful state. 
370 Nye Montana I can not believe that this project has gotten any support.  It would be an environmental nightmare to place a dam in such a beautiful scenic and natural place.  Outrageous to think that anyone would give it a second thought. 

Who would benefit from such a project?
372 Bradfordwoods Pennsylvania A little bit of power for a lot of irreversible destruction is not acceptable!
373 Kalispell Montana
Let's leave nature alone for the enjoyment of all. This sounds about as hairbrained as the Allen Spur Dam and flooding Paradise Valley near Livingston.
374 Shepherd Montana What a stupid idea--but as usual.
375 Billings Montana I own land in the valley and can't believe that anyone would even think of building a dam on the East Rosebud - except for a beaver.
376 Billings Montana This dam is not a good idea.
378 Red Lodge Montana Confused...who profits from this?
379 Billings Montana I urge you to not build a dam in the East Rosebud. 
383 Billings Montana  I am happy to be part of the effort to stop this sensless dam proposal.
386 Seattle Washington The East Rosebud River canyon is one of the most beautiful places on earth. My great grandparents homesteaded not far from there. My grandmother arrived in Montana with them in a covered wagon. Two of my great uncles were ranchers in the area. My great uncle Claud owned land in the canyon that is preserved and undeveloped to this day. My own father was born in Luther. He rode horses in this canyon as a child. I have hiked and fished in the East Rosebud Canyon numerous times over the years. There is nothing lacking there for the restoration of the human soul. Putting a dam in that canyon would be nothing short of a sacrilege.
389 post falls Idaho Having been born in Montana I really care about what happens there. I'm totally against the dam project.  Not enough power will be generated.
390 Helena Montana I want to sign the petition to Save the East Rosebud River & Lake.  Please no dam project in this beautiful area!!!
392 Roscoe Montana It is unimmangeable that anybody would take such a beautiful setting to procure their financial needs. The EPA shuold be bought into this situation immediatlely. God bless America
393 fishtail Montana unnecessary disruption yielding very little power in a market already glutted with natural gas power sources
394 Red Lodge Montana After the Southern Elecric debacle, you can't be serious!  Leave our pristine wilderness alone.  It just doesn't make sense to require people to pack in weed free feed for their horses but allow this unnecessary and destructive blight!
395 Columbus Montana Just what we don't need:  another power project that will cost more than it will ever benefit and ruin a beautiful place.
396 Columbus Montana I am signing the petition.
397 Red Lodge Montana The East Rosebud Creek runs through our property and we enjoy its pristine natural habitat for wild life and riparian plant species.  We would not want this unique area spoiled by a hydro dam project.
398 Billings Montana
399 Bellingham Washington Not an appropriate site!
402 Bozeman Montana As a native of the Red Lodge area and current resident of Bozeman, I passionately oppose this development.  While alternative energy sources are a noble goal, in this case the damage to the scenery, wildlife, and recreation is not worth the small amount of power the dam will generate.
403 Livingston Montana Any proposal for a hydro project on East Rosebud Creek fails to recognize the immense scenic, fishery and recreational opportunities of this unique valley. Perhaps the most dramatic drainage in the country, the East Rosebud is a national treasure and should not be spoiled by such an ill-conceived project.
Respectfully Submitted,
Joe Josephson
407 Crestone Colorado I generally support small and hydroelectric projects, but this one is ill-advised -- annual energy production would be insignificant compared to the aesthetic and environmental degradation to this drainage, which serves as a key access point into the Beartooths.
408 Helena Montana The project makes no sense from an economic, nor an asthetic, perspective. For nine or ten months a year, the flows on the East Rosebud below the lake are insufficient to navigate a 7 foot kayak, much less to generate power. I wonder, the power plant could produce even enough power to make up for the power used in its construction.
409 Bozeman Montana As an avid climber and lover of our majestic mountains and rivers in Montana I am adamantly opposed to the East Rosebud Hydro Dam project. It would destroy a pristine area and give provide very little in return!
412 Red Lodge Montana please keep me abreast of important events that might be newsworthy so I can cover it. thank you. Eleanor Guerrero Carbon County News-

you can also send your own pictures with important notes if I can't get there or something just comes up.
413 Columbus Montana Its time to stop gutting our pristine lands for the profit of alleged corporations run by fools.  When is Montana going to learn?
414 Las Vegas Nevada I've spent a lot of time in this valley and would hate to see it ruined.
416 Bozeman Montana Don't dam East Rosebud!
417 Burlington Vermont Keep 'er free! This valley harbors some of the most incredible sites within the states, the best recreation, and for me personally dearest memories. This installation, even if it produces a minor benefit to our state, will cause far greater detriment, and never approach close to the impact this area has had on myself let alone the shared joys, memories, and value that the 1000's of other users and residents have.

If this threat does happen, I hope they regrade the road. I blame my failing struts on those potholes.
418 Bozeman Montana East Rosebud is an extremely magical place!  It is my favorite venue in all the Beartooth Mountains. Let's keep it the way it is!!!
420 Shepherd Montana I grew up climbing/fishing in the East Rosebud, I love this valley.
422 Billings Montana damn removal not construction!
427 Mayfield Utah "The proposed power plant would only be able to run 3 months out of a year."
That statement alone, if it is fact, should be reason enough to abort this project.
429 Bozeman Montana It would be a shame to loose a place that serves so many people already and have so much of that lost for very little return.  Leave it as it is and we'll all be better off.  Thank you.
430 Bozeman Montana This isn't worth it economically to justify the destruction.
431 bozeman Montana I feel very strongly that this project should not be allowed to move forward.  It's potential value is far outweighed by the negative impact on such a pristine environment.  It's timeframe for operations in a year is so small yet the permanent damage will be there forever to scar the landscape.

Geoff Doerr
433 Billings Montana Please keep East Rosebud wild!
434 Bozeman Montana East Rosebud Creek is one of the last places where a new hydropower project should be built!
436 bozeman Montana Don't take away what little we have left.
437 Bozeman Montana If the proposed hydroelectric plant was designed to be low impact and could operate for greater than 3-4 months per year, I feel this proposal would be controversial yes, but still feasible. In it's current state however this is shear lunacy! As a future engineer, "progress" must occur, but must occur in an intelligent form
442 POCATELLO Idaho A small amount of power is not worth ruining this outdoor paradise. Reconsider your actions.
443 san francisco California No more damn dams, damn it! no more profits for companies just trying to make a profit at the expenses of everything and everyone . . .
445 riverton Wyoming East Rosebud Creek drainage should not be developed in any way. Find somewhere to destroy that isn't in a pristine Wilderness Area.
446 Orem Utah It's not worth it! With increasing population this dam will not provide much!
449 Hawthorn Woods Illinois No dam!
450 Kennesaw Georgia My family has had property up in the east rosebud for years, and I want to eagerly fight this issue. Please let me know what else I can do.
451 Fort Collins Colorado Areas such as East Rosebud Creek are what makes our country, and the state of Montana, beautiful and unique.  I oppose the East Rosebud Creek Hydroelectric Dam on the grounds that its damages to the area's ecosystem and general aesthetic are far greater than the benefit of a few operational months each year.  Instead, put this time and money into innovative alternative energy, set an example for the rest of the country, and unite your community while you do it!
455 Ithaca New York The preservation of great wildlife areas far outweighs a little bit of power that might easily be obtain from wind power instead (or nuclear)
457 Billings Montana Not at all worth it
460 Missoula Montana Conserve!
461 Corning New York SAVE ROSEBUD CREEK
462 deer lodge Montana If this dam does any damage to the east rosebud ecosystem I will crack skulls.
466 cody Wyoming This would be a scar in this valley that will never heal. I oppose every part of this project.
467 North Liberty Iowa One of the most amazing places I have ever backpacked!
468 Bozeman Montana No to the damn dam!
474 Matthews North Carolina Having been to this area, I believe that diverting waterflow away from East Rosebud Creek would destroy a natural wonder. Alternative energy sources are readily available without having to destroy the beauty of the valley.

Please be considerate of the multitude that enjoy this valley yearly.
475 Bozeman Montana Preserve this area!!
476 Berea Kentucky This project is unnecessary! Please stop this from happening!
478 Bozeman Montana absolutely not! This place is as sacred as Yellowstone!
481 Billings Montana This is the WRONG place to put a dam!  (see my previous letters and comments for more detail!)
482 Kennesaw Georgia We own property in Red Lodge and hike in the East Rosebud area every time we visit. This area is truly a treasure and should be preserved!
493 Bozeman Montana Protect this rare and beautiful landscape!
497 Bozeman Montana Please don't build dams in this pristine place!
503 Bozeman Montana What a wast of a beutiful place. The dam would not provide much benifit, it would only for a few months out of the yesr. The water sourse is so small how can one justify the expence for such a project.  The electrical out put could not be very much. There are less scenic location with more warer flow where a larger dam migh be worth the cost and distruction.
505 Billings Montana The East Rosebud drainage is one of the most beautiful in the beartooths, it would be a disaster to see this area flooded and scarred with a dam.
506 Big Timber Montana Please put my name on the petition opposing the East Rosebud Dam Project.

-Joe Wagner
509 Kennesaw Georgia Dont Build the Dam!!!!!!
511 bozeman Montana no damns
512 Billings Montana The East Rosebud drainage is one of the most lovely places in Montana. Only thoughtful and deliberate growth decisions that do not include damming East Rosebud Creek should be considered. There are so few truly wild places in this world. Please leave this place to be just as it is - perfect and unsullied.
513 Bozeman Montana This is absolutely unacceptable.
515 Williamsburg Virginia East Rosebud creek drains a valley that is the "Yosemite of Montana". I hope that my voice of opposition helps to stop the construction of an unnecessary and inefficient dam that would ultimately destroy a unique wilderness.
Jesse Berwald
517 Bozeman Montana gotta protect this place, let me know how i can help!
518 Wexford Pennsylvania absolutely opposed
522 Fort Payne Alabama Why devastate such a beautiful region with a damn? Remember Hetch Hetchy...
524 Bozeman Montana Don't exploit one resource at the expense of many other resources and habitat.  Other resources/habitat which provide not only recreation, but a food source to many locals!
525 Bozeman Montana save all wilderness!
526 Bozeman Montana Please do not place a hydro project up East Rosebud Creek. The project would take more than it produces in the end result would be a ruined ecosystem! 
528 Washington I oppose the proposed dam. It is an impractical solution. The area is incredible and should be preserved for everyone to enjoy.
535 bozeman Montana Wrong place for a project of this nature.  It's a jewel of Montana - please don't spoil it.
536 Bozeman Montana This is the WRONG place for a dam.  This area is priceless habitat for an amazing assortment of fish and wildlife species, not to mention recreational opportunities.  These lands should be preserved for their wilderness character and not irreversibly damaged to produce power. 
540 Bozeman Montana I feel that this is an ill advised project and that it risks harming one of the most beautiful and untouched regions in the Northern Rockies. It is a wonderful place to preserve and recreate, but placing a dam or permanent structure in this location would be a detriment to a unique and fragile environment. I also feel that the benefits do not outweigh the costs in terms of power generation and alternatives to this plan are necessary to protect and preserve East Rosebud Creek.
543 Billings Montana Please no dams.
544 bishop California Grew up in Washington State near the Columbia River. The dams didn't really do a damn thing to make life better environmentally.  I oppose the building of this
dam for many reasons---leave nature alone!
547 San Antonio Texas that would be a PITY, and pretty much immoral!
549 Bozeman Montana I've hiked Granite Peak from there, and climbed the Ramp and Double Book Dome. This is an amazing place and an essential part of Montana's heritage. Leave it Alone!
554 Bozeman Montana Don't ruin our precious memories of the beauty of the wilderness. It should be protected public wilderness not private interest group profits.
555 REdwood City California Please do not take away this precious natural resource for us all to enjoy.
556 Redmond Washington I grew up in Cody, WY and spent some time in this area and it would be a loss if this area went the way of hetch hetchy.
557 Bozeman Montana This is sad that a petition is even needed to save East Rosebud Creek!  Thanks to all of those who have put in hard work to save the area!
558 Sandy Utah STOP IT!! Preserve this beautiful area!
560 Jackson Wyoming Having traveled all over the U.S. and to several countries in search of quality whitewater and pristine areas to camp and enjoy the outdoors....the East Rosebud is very near the top of my list.  A seemingly useless (compared to what would be lost) hydroelectric project in this magical valley is not accpetable!!  This would be a huge loss for almost no gain!
561 Bozeman Montana Only when the last tree has been cut down;
Only when the last river has been poisoned;
Only when the last fish has been caught;
Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

The wild places are essential to who we are as humans. Take them away, desecrate and destroy them, and what replaces them will be painted with blood.
562 Sacramento California Please do not allow this possible project to progress. We need more conservation of electricity, not cheaper availability. Yes, this is "green" but this sort of destruction can't be undone.
563 Bozeman Montana don't do it
564 Cody Wyoming The East Rosebud is one of the best class V kayak streams in the region. The stream is widely known and (as the dam builders already know) it remains runnable longer than most streams in the area.
565 Bozeman Montana I strongly object to the industrialization of East Rosebud Creek, for both practicality sake and for the future of our prized and well loved wilderness and national forest areas. Please leave East Rosebud as it is.
569 bozeman Montana please do not let the rape of our land continue!
570 North Liberty Iowa Please reconsider your plans to destroy this pristine, clean, and beautiful creek. This area of Montana is one of the most stunningly gorgeous places I have ever visited and i would like it to remain that way so my children may enjoy its beauty, too. Thank you for reconsidering.
571 Grove City Ohio Find another perhaps, or wind!
575 Cody Wyoming Why I love and live in this area is because of its wild and raw nature.  I have lived in Colorado the past two years and have seen what goons there have done to destroy just about every possible good area of nature.  So I ve said to hell with that.  I ve moved back for a few reasons, but mostly because I miss the raw nature of this area.  Backpacking across the beartooth mountain range and ending our trips at east rosebud.  The last thing I want to see is a amazing place developed by human obstructions.
577 Tahoe City California Such a waste of a natural resource that won't even be effective.
580 Marion Iowa Really bad idea all the way around.  Find another way to make a quick buck, perhpas w/o destroying one of Red Lodge's more beautiful drainages.
584 Whitefish Montana No dam on East Rosebud! One of my favorite places in Montana....
585 Manhattan Montana COme on, if there is not enough water, why destroy a beautiful countryside and waste so much money to build this dam.
587 Bozeman Montana I am writing in opposition of the proposed hydro dam in the East Rosebud Valley of the Beartooth Mountains. I have been there only twice but once was enough to understand how precious this place is and the sense of freedom that one feels while present. It is ridiculous that a dam is proposed as the creek would only be usable 3 months out of the year. We will fight this project until it doesn't happen.
590 Denver Colorado I have traveled from Denver, Colorado to this little creek in Montana three times, because of the outstanding recreational value it offers. This is an amazing whitewater kayaking run that should be protected for use by the public. Our tourist dollars have been appreciated by the local restaurants and gas stations. If this project goes through, the existing tourist revenue will be reduced. Please don't destroy this area.
595 Bozeman Montana I oppose the East Rosebud Dam Project
596 Bozeman Montana This Place is so beautiful! Dams sound great but in the long term they are NOT worth it. Haven't we destroyed enough??
Please look at alternative energies that are just as "green", not just the ones that are already engineered. Try a little effort.
597 Tacoma Washington Pristine wilderness is not a renewable resource. Please don't do this, it's not worth it.
599 Asheville North Carolina I would not like to see a dam and hydro station in the fragile ecosystem.
601 Durango Colorado “Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread. A civilization which destroys what little remains of the wild, the spare, the original, is cutting itself off from its origins and betraying the principle of civilization itself.”
― Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire
602 Bozeman Montana I love the East Rosebud! I want my kids to some day enjoy the same place I have enjoyed.
606 Billings Montana Keep me updated, please. I would love more information on who and why this is being done. Doesn't make sense.
607 Arizona While dams may present a seemingly clean form of renewable energy, the destruction they create upstream, downstream, within the riparian ecosystem, to the local tourism economy, and as yet another scar on our planet are not worth the electricity it would be producing. Please do not add another dam to clog up yet another watershed.
610 Wilson Wyoming Please do not do this. There is no way that this can create the energy you think you need. It is time to force Americans to change our ways and start using less!
612 Bozeman Montana find a better spot!
616 Alexandria Minnesota This drainage is, in part, the reason I still believe people when they describe Montana as "the last best place".  Who wins with building a dam, my guess is just a few.  All future generations loose.  The wild places of Montana are extremely valuable resources.  We should not overlook this value simply because the value is difficult to quantify.  Do not build a dam here.
624 Bozeman Montana Keep it Beautiful!
625 Bozeman Montana How about that money gets re-delegated to construction of those high power transmission lines that keep getting brought up?
627 Westminster Colorado Its sad to see remote places, wilderness places, get turned over due to man's urge to 'control' nature. We need to stop building dams and use what we have already built.
634 Billings Montana PLEASE save this beautiful place!!!
637 bozeman Montana I love this place, I have spent hundreds of days up there hunting, hiking or fishing. This dam would damage the wildlife and would hurt the fishing. Also the dam would increase traffic flow and make it more accessible. I don't agree.
638 Billings Montana I think making a dam in this area is a waste time and money.
641 Billings Montana One of the last best places In Montana. Don't take it away from us.
643 Billings Montana I oppose the East Rosebud Creek hydro dam project.
648 Bozeman Montana I strongly oppose any hydroelectric development in this area. The natural beauty of this area should be preserved.
652 Missoula Montana East Rose Bud lake is full of childhood memories. You can't take that away!
653 Bozeman Montana Incredible natural place that attracts many visitors from Montana and afar. Also an incredible habitat for local wildlife. A dam would disrupt an enormous and incredibly important watershed and seriously mar one of Montana's most pristine treasures. Please, please don't build... Wind turbines are far more efficient in this area, as just some thirty miles away wind corridors on the plains would provide excellent wind energy sites.
655 Missoula Montana Tectonically unstable areas this close to the yellowstone caldera shouldnt even be considered feasable
656 Bozeman Montana No comment at this time other than I oppose any further development in this pristine home of California Ice -  Isn't there already a dam up West Rosebud (Mystic Lake)?
657 Des Moines Washington Why is it that we have to destroy the beauty of a place that Nature and God spent millenium to create.  Sounds like greed to me.  Why not build a few moew wind machines around places in Montana where the wind howls most of the year.

Save our few remaining beautiful places on the earth.
658 Port Angeles Washington I live along the Elwha River in WA where 100 years later we are working to undo the damage done by hydro damns.  Lets just not make the mistake in the first place.
659 bozeman Montana I would hate to see a dam in this valley.
660 Bozeman Montana I am a huge fan of the East Rosebud drainage and strongly oppose any project that would involve a dam.
664 Wilson Wyoming East Rosebud must be kept pristine
667 Bozeman Montana This by far one of the most incredible places out there - I'll never forget my first trip to this canyon to go climbing.  To quote Aldo Leopold, who recognized our devolution back in 1949:
"There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot...Like winds and sunsets, wild things were taken for granted until progress began to do away with them.  Now we face the question whether a still higher 'standard of living' is worth its cost in things natural, wild, and free.  For us of the minority, the opportunity to see geese is more important than television, and the chance to find a pasque-flower is a right as inalienable as free speech."
668 Missoula, Montana This project has to rank as one of the most harebrained, poorly reasoned way to despoil one of the most beautiful spots in the world, while at the same time wasting taxpayer money.  Who are these people who think this is a good idea?
671 Butte Montana The Beartooth Mountains are one of a kind and East Rosebud is a beautiful gateway to an amazing area. Please do not further consider constructing a dam there!
672 billings Montana have property up here and would hate to see this project take place. we should be removing dams to rehab watersheds, not damaging them. this will most definitely decrease stream productivity. invest in renewable energy systems, not environmental degradation. 
675 Perrysbug Ohio Don't destroy this beautiful bit of God's creation  by building a dam and run pipeline through this area.  Not needed!
676 Wilson Wyoming This is a very short-sighted idea and will lead to the destruction of the area for all other uses. Our family, visitors to the East Rosebud over the course of a generation or more, are firmly opposed to this project since the impacts of dam building will be the end of a healthy fishery, along with may other low-impact uses of the East Rosebud.
681 Deer Lodge Montana Maybe put some wind turbines instead?
682 Brooklyn Park Minnesota To whom it may concern:

My name is Jimmy Stewart, and I moved from MT to MN about 4 years ago after enjoying countless days every season, every year, climbing and skiing in East Rosebud. Although I now live 12 hours away, I still make the trek out there every year to enjoy the wild, rugged solitude of one of my favorite places on earth. Please find another, more practical and less pristine area to locate your power plant, as the East Rosebud Creek area is one of the few remaining pieces of heaven on earth and what you're proposing to do would irreversibly damage the paradise that so many of us enjoy.


Jimmy Stewart
683 Bozeman Montana The degradation of such an important valley would be a tragedy, both for Montanans and for the ecology of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. Please consider the disastrous consequences of such a severe action.
685 Billings Montana Ridiculous to even consider this!
686 Bozeman Montana The last of true Montana wilderness.  You've got to work harder to find better sources for the minimal energy that will be generated from this proposed and preposterous site.  Do not disturb this wonderful place!
687 Bozeman Montana This place is unique in so many ways.  There are many places and many ways to generate energy...Lets not ruin the paradise we have to power the influx of people to this beautiful state. 
688 Helena Montana what a tragedy this would be.
691 Billings Montana this is for the petition to say NO to the plant1
694 Bozeman Montana East Rosebud Creek is a national treasure that would be degraded with any hydroelectric development.  While it is important to get off fossil fuels from unstable regions, this will do little to alleviate that problem as it will generate little power.  Additionally, we are beginning to feel the effects of hydroelectric projects that have silted over. The costs of returning an impounded system to a free flowing system are not worth the small benefits in this circumstance.  I have not even mentioned the natural resource impacts resulting from this project.  Please do not disturb the East Rosebud are with this project.  It is too special.  
695 Alabama I oppose the building of any power plant in any form on east rosebud creek. Thank you, Eric Lange
696 Missoula Montana This is wrong.
697 Billings Montana Hydropower is not a environmentally friendly power source.
702 Livingston Montana Please do not dam this river and recreational area. It would destroy an economic base (tourism, real estate, hiking, climbing and fishing). I oppose this.
703 bozeman Montana PLEASE NO DAM!
705 LIVINGSTON Montana Please don't let this happen...there has to be a better way to meet the needs of so few than the disruption of this pristine area..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
706 Bozeman Montana NO!!!
708 Bozeman Montana STOP THE DAMN DAM!
716 Livingston Montana I strongly oppose the hydroelectric project.
717 Livingston Montana Keep East Rosebud Creek free!
719 Billings Montana Please let me know about major events concerning the East Rosebud... Thanks.
721 Livingston Montana I definitely without-a-doubt absolutely and totally oppose the East Rosebud Creek dam.
722 Bozeman Montana Energy professional NOT in support of this project.
724 Los Angeles California Stop it
726 Del Rio Texas I just want to sign the petition, no emails please
734 Bozeman Montana HELL NO TO THE DAM!
737 Bozeman Montana Thanks for helping organize efforts to save this amazing natural reosurse and working towards perserving access to it.
738 Mendota heights Minnesota Please do not dam the East Rosebud river
739 Belgrade Montana We do not want or need this dam.
741 Belgrade Montana      I am 100% against this project.  Please do not add a dam on the East Rosebud Creek.  I have fished it many times and would hate to see it changed.
747 Key West Florida This is many a recreationalists favoritive place on earth, mine included. It also happends to be a large habitat corridor for many animal species. Pleace do not flood it.
748 Bozeman Montana Keep the Beartooths wild!
749 Bozeman Montana who do i have to shoot this time, is there a bonafide idiot squad coming up with these ineffecient projects in beautiful areas?
750 Red Lodge Montana Nothing--particularly the minuscule amount of power generated--would justify the debasement of this unique and "last best" valley.  The environmental disruption of the narrow boulder-filled drainage would not only be unjustifiably costly, but esthetically horrendous.  An industrial presence of this nature in this location is in direct conflict with the current land use, would substantially devalue existing development, and therefore would result in a loss of state and local property taxes while increasing the burden of taxpayers paying any government subsidy that this project may be relying on for financing.  This is the absolutely wrong place for a project of this nature.
751 bozeman Montana Hardly enough water to make a hydroelectric dam worth it.  Please consider the long term impact on recreation, tourism, ecosystem, and climate.
752 Bozeman Montana Please do not place a dam on this small river or any other. As many old dams in our state are having to be removed at great expense we should not even be considering new projects of this type.The loss of free service,clean water, biomass, fisheries etc. will far outstrip any public gain through electricity generation. What guarantees can be provided that irreparable harm won't be done: None that have ever held up in the past. Montanan's understand that our land should not be open for irresponsible profiteering for short term gains. Please for my childrens' sake kill this project before it becomes an inevitable disaster.

Respectfully yours,
Tobias Holleman
Montana Resident
Fisherman, Climber, and taxpaying voter!
757 Bozeman Alabama I am willing to dedicate any media/filmmaking resources to advocate in opposition to this development.
759 Bozeman Montana My family has a cabin downstream on the East Rosebud on Tuttle Ln. What will this mean for the flow?
760 Bozeman Montana LEAVE OUR LAND THE WAY IT IS!
761 St. Paul Minnesota The East Rosebud Valley has been my home away from since I was born.  This place is an indispensable part of my American heritage.  Its natural beauty must be preserved, so future generations can have the privilege I have had. 
762 Minneapolis Minnesota DON'T DO IT!!!

The effects would be detrimental to the area. And the importance preservation is being over looked here.

Please reconsider!

765 Kansas Please save this beautiful area! NO to this development.
768 powell Wyoming Solar Power would ealisy facilitate the needs that this hydro will produce..... Year round! It's not rocket science
770 Minnetonka Minnesota I oppose damming East Rosebud.
771 Bozeman Montana Thanks for getting on this.
776 eklutna Alaska no dam!!!!!  damn it!  keep our wilderness wild!
777 Chevy Chase Maryland Wind, solar, geothermal - there are so many better ways of producing this power than to build this dam. If there isn't the political ability or will to get those done, then the current political regime is not serving the people of this beautiful region as they should.
778 Fairfield Pennsylvania
779 Grove City Ohio As a displaced Montanan, I hate to see more of that beautiful country submerged under water for a minimal of electric or economic output.  Keep the valley dry!
782 Bozeman Montana Damming has a devastating impact on any ecosystem, but especially riverine systems.  Reservoirs do not act like lakes and support very little life compared to a natural lake system. Please do not dam East Rosebud Creek!  Look to wind & solar energy and improving battery technologies!
783 Portland Oregon I used to live in Bozeman and hope to return to MT when I'm done with school. In my opinion this is the most beautiful part of Montana and needs to be preserved!
784 Livingston Montana Stop the propose dam and pipeline!
787 Billings Montana I am against the proposed dam project on the East Rosebud. 
791 Alabama Please save this amazing landscape for generations to come.
793 San Diego California Please save this rare pristine wilderness area by not damming the E. Rosebud River.
796 BOZEMAN Montana 180 degrees south...
798 Red Lodge Montana The corporations that are willing to destroy these wild places are a problem. I think they and others need to be aware of the price of progress and greed. The East Rosebud has been a sanctuary for me and countless others. We all need to stand up and let it be known that we will not allow profit to over ride natural beauty.
804 Port Townsend Washington Please save East Rosebud Creek.  My grandmother and friends rode horses into the East Rosebud Lake area over 100 years ago. Please help save the natural beauty and health of the rivers and streams.
Janet Trask Cox
cabin owner  & environmentalist
807 Sedona Arizona How could you destroy this beauty.

809 Clarkdale Arizona Please help to keep our wilderness pristine for the future generations to enjoy and learn from.  Lets be a positive example of sustainability and preservation and not an object lesson on the destruction of our natural wilderness.
810 Sedona Arizona I am very much opposed to the  East Rosebud Dam Project. we must have access to pristine places on this earth for ourselves and future generations. These days we are far too shortsighted and insensitive to our natural world. This is a very special place. Leave it alone!
813 St. Paul Minnesota I want to help save East Rosebud Creek, the dam is not worth ruining wilderness. We have so little of it left!
817 Billings Montana I definitely oppose this dam project.
818 dc Washington Destroying eco-system and habitats to fix the problems we could, instead, simply fix  by a change in our actions. Look around. how much devastation will it take you to see that?

-your honorable Death
822 Flagstaff Arizona Save East Rosebud Creek!
824 Washington DC Wyoming Water resource and sediment remediation specialist; while I believe micro dam development to be useful in certain areas of the world, this is not one of those times. The U.S. needs to be the example for resource and environmental stewardship.
828 Rapid City South Dakota We oppose the East Rosebud Hydro Dam project
831 Deerwood Minnesota It's not worth it!!!! Humans cause so much destruction to the environment, wildlife and to people's lives. I would say 'leave this beautiful valley alone'. But what I REALLY mean, is 'Leave the whole world alone!'
832 Philipsburg Montana Hydrodynamics, now Flint Creek Dam Project, is doing the same thing at Georgetown Lake, Granite County. There have been no progress reports, studies or financial projections provided to the public. I would appreciate your links to the agencies that are supposed to receive the reports.
834 Mercersburg Pennsylvania I am opposed to the East Rosebud Dam Project
835 Racine Wisconsin Is everywhere pristine and beautiful, with fresh air, clean water, and a healthy ecosystem for our wild animals  to be destroyed by human greed?!
I am fed up and disgusted by these types of projects trying to slip in & wreak havoc before we have a chance to stop them.
There are other ways to make happen what these "Titans of Industry" want to do here. Let's come up with an alternative plan that is good for ALL!!
840 racine Wisconsin please save the mountains
843 Sedona Arizona Help these people!
845 Portland I am a property owner in the East Rosebud Valley.
848 Fort Bragg California Save East Rosebud Creek!
849 Billings Montana Don't touch the place I view as an escape and a refuge. I have been visiting there since I was eight years old and I want my future children to be able to see the beauty that I am able to connect with now. Thank you for not destroying a place I love for very little gain.
850 Billings Montana This needs to be shut down now so future generations may see nature at its best.
851 Billings Montana This is a travesty against nature
854 Billings Montana I am sooooo opposed to building this dam.
855 Bozeman Montana Silly project and totally out of character for this drainage and its usage by the public and private homeowners.
.also, you don't need to dam a river to generate power- there are alternatives that allow natural streamflow and still generate power. Dams are an antiquated answer to harnessing hydropower.
856 Billings Montana This is a beautiful valley, one that I grew up in and thoroughly enjoyed as a little kid playing in the river.  Later I grew an appreciation for the river and its fish, through many hours spent in search of fish in little pockets of water.  I would like to show my future spouse and kids the same natural river that I grew up on, so that they may be able to enjoy  the magnificent unhindered natural beauty of the canyons towering walls and the Rosebud Creek.
857 Billings Montana I'm not a radical conservationest by any means...but really...a dam on the East Rosebud? Give us a break!
858 Oregon Stop the Dam!
867 Oak Park Heights Minnesota The dam, pipe to conduct water to the building containing the generator and the power line to connect to the grid would not contribute to the scenic values of the  valley.
Fishing is another value the stream provides. Manipulation of the water flow to maximize power generation could have a negative effect on the fish population.  
868 Missoula Montana My family has owned property for over 40 years at the former TO Bar dude ranch.  We and our children have grown up enjoying this beautiful, pristine area, and the thought of a dam and all the issues and problems (damage to the ecosystem, etc.) that would arise from placing a damn on the property for such limited output is unacceptable.  Leave it in it's current state and do NOT allow a dam to be built there.
869 Clark Wyoming It is hard to imagine that those in charge of this project believe that this dam can really provide enough power to make destroying this magical place worth it.  They must not feel the same thing I do when I am confronted with such beauty that my soul is lifted.  Or maybe the dollar signs have blinded them to it.
870 Clark Wyoming As a private citizen and a member of Beartooth Electric I personally have experienced ill fated power generating projects and the high cost to citizens when they go wrong. I say NO to this project!
871 Painted Post New York Having spent time in the East Rosebud watershed, it amazes me that this is even being considered. Basic common sense says NO to this project!

R E Bayer
875 kelly Wyoming Keep this wilderness protected!!!!!
879 Billings Montana I urge Hydrodynamics and Roger Kirk to let this application for a permit lapse. This is not the place for a dam.
885 Billings Montana Please save the streams and rivers and creeks in Montana!  Shame on those people who would ruin them!  Carla
886 Grants Pass Oregon I found your site while planning a summer trip that will introduce the A-B Wilderness to my kids. Some people say we live in paradise here in So. Oregon, but it pales in comparison to the East Rosebud entrance to the wilderness. This area means so much to me personally, as I had a 'coming of age' experience here with my college buddies back in the day.  Thank you for your efforts to keep it 'pristine' for generations to come so they too can share in these necessary life experiences!
887 Minneapolis Minnesota Stop the dam! This is a wasteful use of investment and so damaging to the beautiful region. My tourist dollars are more important than 3 months of hydroelectric power each year, not to mention that there are better locations to place hydroelectric power nearer to large human populations.
888 Missoula Montana This is a time of breaking down dams (see Milltown Dam near Missoula), NOT BUILDING NEW ONES!
889 Billings Montana This ill-conceived proposal must absolutely be stopped.
894 Absarokee Montana My family settled on the East Rosebud years before Montana was granted statehood.  This beautiful landscape should not be defiled for so little gain. I am pro-water power, but this is not the river to dam -- too little gain for the destruction done. NO!
895 APO Other I am a Stillwater County resident currently residing in Germany. This would be a travesty.
898 Parker Colorado The beauty and majesty of this region is too great to ruin it with a Hydro Dam. 
904 Chapel Hill North Carolina My family and I have vacationed at East Rosebud lake several times and strongly oppose the East Rosebud Creek Hydro Dam.
This pristine mountain creek should be
protected and preserved from any type of dam project.

Nancy Lees
905 Billings Montana My family loves camping along East Rosebud!  Please don't put a dam on the creek--there are so many other miles of waterway that can be used.  Keep the East Rosebud Creek drainage undamaged, preserving it for our kids and grandkids!  Thank you!
908 Billings I am against the East Rosebud Dam Project.  Is this the petition?
910 Clancy Montana Victoria and I have camped and hiked the East Rosebud Lake area since the mid 1980s.  This area is a treasure not only to the State of Montana but the entire nation.  We do not support the development of any commercial or power generation related activity in the area.
911 roundup Montana Having resided part-time @ ERL for 47 years, and having been witness to water flow as I fished and photographed the East Rosebud Creek during that interval, I must say that water flow seems sufficient only during the 2-3 months of spring runoff.
Makes me question the decision-making process of the company and its proposal.
Jim Watson
912 Billings Montana Let me know what I can do to help. Have you contacted Trout Unlimited to see if they can help? This will impact livability for our trout.
914 Red Lodge Montana I fully support your efforts in stopping the East Rosebud Dam Project. The article in today's (6-24-12) Sunday Gazette was well spoken and informative. The East Rosebud needs to stay wild..


Marek S. Rosin
Adventure Whitewater
Red Lodge, Montana
918 Ponca City Oklahoma This is an area that should be preserved and not tainted. Save East Rosebud for more generations!
Sherry Bonawitz Kean
919 Colorado Springs Colorado Please don't wreck such a beautiful area!  There must be better, less scenic, more effective places to dam.
922 Colorado Springs Colorado East Rosebud Creek has been the highlight of my family's annual trip to Montana.
923 Imperial Beach California You better not ruin the beauty of one of my favorite camping spots because you want to put a dam where it is neither wanted nor needed. Its a waste of money and will ruin the beauty and ecosystem of a wonderful camping, swimming, and fishing spot.
925 Bandera Texas No no we love that area and fish there a couple times a year
926 Sky Valley California East Rosebud Creek should have wilderness status protections at the location where the hydroelectric facility is proposed to be located.

We are losing wilderness fast enough without piling on with power development projects like this that would under deliver as well as encroach on an unique scenic place. 
927 Lolo Montana I spent my childhood camping and hiking on the West and East Rosebud drainages.  The land is beautiful and the creeks are very special to me.  It would be a terrible waste to put in another dam in this area.  Mystic Lake is enough.  Please leave this little piece of Montana alone.
930 Lees Summit Missouri As a native of Montana trust me you do not want to ruin it's scenery for the extremely small amount of power this will generate.  Montana is one of the last few places in America that doesn't have a ton of concrete and asphalt everywhere lets keep it that way.
932 Mercer Island Washington My family also owns a forest service cabin lot on the East Rosebud river. Like virtually everyone on the Lake, we rebuilt in 1999 and have rejoiced in the area's revival.  We are definitely opposed to diversion of the East Rosebud which would destroy the beauty and recreational use of the river from the Lake to Jimmy Joe and downstream.  Over the 50 years we have had the cabin, I've seen thousands of Americans and foreign visitors come to enjoy an unspoiled Montana landscape.  A few megawarts of power does not justify such destruction.  Let's focus on truly productive alternative energy development.
934 Mercer Island Washington My wifes family has had a cabin on a Forest Service recreational lease on the Ease Rosebud since the fifties - I would be awful to have the stretch of the Rosebud to be commercialized.
935 O Fallon Illinois Please accept this form as my "signature" on a petition to save East Rosebud as it is. I am a military member which means I am a full resident of MT.

Thank you for all you do.

Roger St.Germaine
937 Nye Montana Beartooth Electric(Highwood Generating) can't sell what it produces. Why can Hydrodynamics?
938 Nye Montana Profit VS Environment?

939 Poulsbo Washington My family camps regularly in this area.  Love the beauty and want to preserve it!
940 Billings Montana I am against any proposed damn on East Rosebud Creek.
942 Billings Montana This is an unnecessary project that will do more harm than good. This is pristine and scenic habitat that should be preserved for future generations of Montanans (and wildlife) to enjoy in tact. I feel the public's interest would be permanently damaged by this project and I oppose it.
943 Newberry South Carolina Please, please find somewhere else to put this if you absolutely must build it. I understand there is money involved, profits to be had, wheels turning and all that, but this is nature and our planet we're talking about. If we keep mucking it up with pollution and machinery that scars the land, it will eventually cost someone, possibly your children or grandchildren, millions or even billions to try and restore it when it comes down to the ecosystem breaking down after the years of torture and abuse we've put it through.

Just spend one weekend camping or hiking in Rosebud and you'll understand. It's not always about money.
944 Louisville Colorado I grew up in Billings and spent many summers in that area.  We have seen time and time again that dams are bad for an ecosystem.  Please leave this area natural. 
945 Louisville Colorado Just invested in land in Montana and want to protect it's natural resources and beauty. 
946 Billings, Mt. Montana Makes no sense.  All you have to do is driave up to the East Rosebud and see it and you will see it makes no sense. 
947 Colorado Springs Colorado This is a beautiful and pristine place that needs to be kept that way for generations to come.  As people, we need to learn to tread lightly on Mother Earth who is being assaulted from many directions, which means learning to use less water to mitigate against the need for additional dams.  Enough is enough.
955 Laurel Montana This project is absurd and unnecessary.  This state exports power and already has dams running at less than capacity due to the lack of ability to get the power to market.  The costs and damage to the natural resources of the East Rosebud valley with this project are unacceptable.
956 billings Montana Please do not put a damn up at East Rosebud.
957 Fishtail, MT Montana Thank you for your unending work on this important issue.  Sally

Surely, one of our three big wigs in D.C. will have some interest in supporting the initiative.   Maybe not!   I'm sorry I can't attend the June 30 activities.
960 Park City Montana I am totally opposed to any project which would alter the East Rosebud Creek drainage, it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. We must preserve it in it's natural state for the benefit of future generations.
961 Spokane Washington We believe in utilizing renewable resources, but not at the expense of potential negative impacts to habitat and the scenic value in this area.
962 North Bend Washington An East Rosebud cabin has been in my cousin's family since the earliest days of the lake's community.  I've spent many wonderful days there with family and friends.  As a native of the Pacific Northwest, I'm familiar with hydro power and support it's use in appropriate settings.  East Rosebud isn't one. The impact of construction and operation would devastate the delicate, high-altitude, short-season environment.
963 Roscoe Montana Just because you can, does not mean you should
969 Tulsa Oklahoma I love the Beartooths, and I love the East Rosebud Creek. I've been hiking these mountains and this particular drainage since 2001 and hope to live in the area for good within the next five years. This is too beautiful an area to mar. Please keep it pristine!
971 Sand Springs Oklahoma I have family in this area and attended the forum today.  Keep East Rosebud beautiful....the way it is currently!  I love this area of Montana and would hate to see this project happen.
976 North Plains Oregon Don't sell out opour shrinking habitat for short sightedness.
981 Montreal Other No Dam!!!
983 Bozeman Montana There is enough concrete in the world already. Leave us places without!
985 Bozeman Montana Celebrate and designate a Wild & Scenic East Rosebud.

986 Santa barbara California Please save this great natural habitat
987 billings Montana be a shame not to be able to hike, climb, and fish like we have been doing for generations.
988 Bigfork Montana My great grandparents built a cabin on East Rosebud Lake, I think back in the 60s or 70s. The cabin isn't there anymore, it burned in the 1997 fire, but East Rosebud Lake, Alpine and the Wilderness are still very important to me and my entire, multi-generation Montana family. Why on earth anyone would think to blight one of the most beautiful natural places in the entire world with a hydro electric project and A PIPELINE is beyond me. Say no to any power generating projects in the East Rosebud lake area and drainage.
994 Emigrant Montana this illconceived project would be a true travesty. Anywhere else in the country the East Bud would be a National Park - only because it is so close to Yellowstone that it is not. This is the most scenic hike I have ever taken in all my 69 years of life in the Rocky Mountains!
995 Roscoe Montana Let's stop this unnecessary project!
996 Emigrant Montana I oppose the East Rosebud Dam project!  Hydro electricity generation is a hideous option in this case & in this place.  Properly installed Wind &/or Solar generation would be much more appropriate.  Please don't harm this creek habitat & scenic, wild area.
998 Cody Wyoming No more damn dams! Unnecessary waste of resources.
1003 black mountain North Carolina no good business to damn excellent mountain terrain. go solar instead.
1007 Wildwood Missouri It is unimaginable that a small output dam should be built on this beautiful, unspoilt river.  Please give this area the Wild and Scenic River Designation it deserves and prevent any kind of development now or in the future to take place.  Libby Guimbarda
1010 Roscoe, Montana Congress, make it a wild and scenic river.  Montana legislators, get behind this and make it happen
1011 Veneta Oregon This is as close to paradise as I have ever known...destruction of this beautiful habitat would be a real travesty even if a large amount of power was predicted.  But for the reported "high value of production" it would be ridiculous to waste this beauty.  Many other projects deserve the attention and the funding that it would take to achieve three months of meager power
1013 Bozeman Montana Great job on gathering names for the petition and on the recent event up East Rosebud. Please add the Greater Yellowstone Coalition as a supporter of protecting East Rosebud and all of the important human and ecological values it encompasses.

Scott Christensen
Greater Yellowstone Coalition
1018 Red Lodge Montana Many area residents rely on tourism for their livelihoods in one way or another. Compare Red Lodge to other small towns in eastern Montana. It has a very vibrant and attractive down town with many small business that you just don't see in other towns of it's size. People come to ski, hike, climb, paddle, and to simply enjoy the scenery. While here, they book motel rooms, eat at local restaurants, by clothing and gear, maybe hire an outfitter or guide for a pack trip or to summit granite peak. Preserve the natural amenities of this area and you will preserve the economic viability for residents along the eastern front of the Beartooths!  
1019 Red Lodge Montana Across the country state and localities are removing dams from significant rivers.  Why would any Montana loving group want to functionally destroy a stream that brings such diversity of benefits to so many living things?  Imagined profit must not surpass the welfare of the wild and common good.
1020 Red Lodge Montana I am the Historic Preservation Officer for Carbon County and I am adamantly opposed to this project.  The river should remain in its current pristine condition.  Personally, it is one best fly fishing locations in the county and I take my kids there several times each summer.  This proposed dam will not only ruin its natural beauty and boundaries, but also its recreational benefits.
1022 Roberts Montana This should not even be a consideration for such a rare,special place.
1026 Red Lodge Montana Damn the dam!!!!!!A green energy effort..Another looser;another Solyndra!!!! on a smaller Scale!!!!

Save this free flowing stream!! A dam is absurd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1027 Red Lodge Montana What's next another dam on
Rock Creek............. My, all that "Green Energy" wasted. This intended project on the East Rosebud is a FARCE..............How about some "Windmills"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Windy up there (green energy). If you hydoelectric folks REALLY want to ruin a beutiful river might consider SOLAR toooooo.
1029 San Diego California I grew up on a farm near Red Lodge and East Rosebud, Roscoe and that entire beautiful wild place should not be touched anymore by human hands.  To be able to see the creation of nature wild and free as it has evolved over the ages is essential for us all.  I would like my grandchildren to experience what I have experienced by being in the shadows of the Beartooth Range as my grandparents shared with me in the 1940s.  Can't imagine what kind of schemers want to make a hydroelectric plant -- look at the damage done by these dams.  Aren't we rethinking about letting them run free? 
1031 Billings Montana This would be a travesty, especially when the proposed project would not provide the stated results.  It would just be ruining a beautiful area for nothing at all.
1032 Billings Montana I have seen this same manipulation of the DOE regulations in western colorado.  Developers pick the most pristine area and threaten to steal a river.  When the public out cry is loud enough they permit the forest service to buy them off for millions.  It is extortion of the worst sort and needs to be terminated.
1040 Snohomish Washington Let's keep some things wild.
1041 Billings Montana Save my favorite place on earth!
1045 San Diego California This national treasure should be saved.  The East Rosebud river is a magnificent place in our great land.  Find another river for the dam.
1046 Red Lodge Montana This national treasure should be saved.  The East Rosebud river is a magnificent place in our great land.  Find another river for the dam.
1048 Luther Montana Please do not share my email address with anyone not related to this specific concern.
1051 Bozeman Montana Using up more resources is not the best answer to energy needs.  Wiser use of energy is best, and opening the door for more resource use only sets this answer on the backburner while destroying our precious natural areas. 

Please do NOT create a hydro plant on the East Rosebud!
1054 Columbus Georgia As a Montana native it is deplorable that we would allow more devastation to the natural habitat in the name of profit.
1055 Hardin Montana Please do not spoil another natural waterway in America.
1056 Bozeman Montana No way jerks!!
1057 Soquel California At a time when dams are being removed in record numbers, it seems incomprehensible that anyone would consider building yet a new dam!  Not to mention that this dam is proposed on a Scenic Wild River in an incredibly beautiful location.  This years election is not about jobs but about the environment. Save Rosebud Creek from this short-sighted and unnecessary dam and set aside this land forever to be wild.
1059 Billings Montana Do not allow this project to go forward.
1060 Honolulu Hawaii This watershed is much too beautiful and important to be dammed!
1062 Reno Nevada Please don't take away our beautiful land. Save this historic and senic place.  Put the dam elswhere.
1064 New York New York Some of my happiest childhood memories are from times spent with family at East Rosebud Lake, courtesy of Melvin Yates, my great uncle. It was idyllic: breathtakingly crisp air, pristine waters, pastoral beyond measure. There are sufficient natural disruptors to the ecosystem without adding a manmade catastrophe that would permanently blight the landscape. I side with those who would preserve the lake and its surrounding area for the enjoyment of future generations.
1068 Bow New Hampshire As an occasional visitor to the lovely East Rosebud, I would like to add my name to the petition to oppose the Dam Projct.
1072 Wheat Ridge Colorado Please do not develop hydropower on East Rosebud Creek. 
1073 jackson Wyoming S
1074 Lakewood Colorado Destroying nature for small energy gains is not the way to fix our energy problems.
1078 Livingston Montana This is not spam - I am using an avatar to protect my identity so as not to compromise my reputation, my job, or my family.  There are a lot of pro-development psychos out there that won't hesitate to smear a concerned citizen that opposes their views...  No dam in the East Rosebud!
1079 Bozeman Montana This place is too special to Dam.
1080 Anchorage Alaska I first came through the East Rosebud area as a sixteen year old Outward Bound student.  It is one of the reasons I came to school in Bozeman.  I have hiked, rock climbed, and whitewater kayaked in the east rosebud drainage.  It is a spectacular place that deserves to be protected forever.
1081 Seattle Washington we have had a cabin for over 50 years at east rosebud lake (my grandpa won it during a game of cards).  this east rosebud dam project is the most absurd proposal i've come across.  to even have to spend the time making these petitions and protesting such a stupid idea is a waste of everyone's time.  please just put this to rest and don't bring it up again.  the dam would destruct a gorgeous area and would offer no clear benefits.  East Rosebud Creek drainage should be protected by the Wild and Scenic River Designation for it's profound beauty, geologic value, and recreational use for the public. 
put this to rest; it's a ridiculous idea and the people that have proposed it either hate nature or are simply stupid.
1082 Seattle Washington
1083 Jackson Wyoming Save our beautiful East Rosebud!
1084 Roscoe Montana No dams on the East Rosebud!  Thanks for your efforts.